COC Board of Directors

  • Mr. Tony Arrell, Chair
  • Ms. Colleen Sexsmith, Vice Chair
  • Mr. Paul A. Bernards, Treasurer
  • Mr. John H. Macfarlane, Secretary
  • Mr. Alexander Neef, General Director (ex officio)
  • Mr. Rob Lamb, Managing Director (ex officio)

  • Mr. Mark Appel
  • Ms. Nora Aufreiter
  • Mr. Robert Brouwer
  • Ms. Helen Burstyn
  • Ms. Marcia Lewis Brown
  • Mr. Stewart Burton
  • Mr. Philip C. Deck
  • Mr. Peter M. Deeb
  • Mr. George S. Dembroski
  • Mr. William Fearn (ex officio)
  • Mr. David Ferguson (ex officio)
  • Mr. Adam Froman
  • Mr. Michael Gibbens
  • Mr. Peter Hinman
  • Dr. Linda Hutcheon
  • Ms. Carolyn Jarvis
  • Mr. Justin Linden
  • Mr. Jeff Lloyd

  • Ms. Anne Maggisano 
  • Mr. Stephen O. Marshall 
  • Ms. Judy Matthews
  • Mr. Jonathan Morgan
  • Ms. Frances Price
  • Mr. Arthur R. A. Scace, C.M.
  • Mr. Philip S.W. Smith
  • Mr. Paul B. Spafford
  • Ms. Michelle Symons
  • Ms. Kristine (Kris) Vikmanis
  • Mr. Graham Watchorn
  • Mr. John H. (Jack) Whiteside

life trustees council

The Life Trustees Council salutes the leaders of the COC community whose efforts have been integral to the company’s artistic evolution and transformative history of accomplishment.  

  • Earlaine Collins
  • David Ferguson (Chair)
  • Jerry and Geraldine Heffernan
  • Ben Heppner
  • Henry N.R. Jackman
  • Adrianne Pieczonka


Canadian Opera House Corporation Board of Directors


  • Mr. Arthur R.A. Scace,
    President & Chief Executive Officer
  • Mr. Rob Lamb, Vice-President
  • Mr. Paul A. Bernards, Treasurer
  • Mr. John H. Macfarlane, Secretary
  • Ms. Lindy Cowan, Director, Finance
  • Mr. Alexander Neef, Chief Operating Officer 


  • Mr. David C. Ferguson
  • Hon. Barbara McDougall
  • Mr. Jonathan Morgan
  • Mr. Nicholas Mutton 
  • Mr. Paul B. Spafford  

Canadian Opera foundation Board of Directors


  • Mr. Tony Arrell
  • Mr. Jonathan Bloomberg 
  • Mr. J. Rob Collins 
  • Mr. Philip C. Deck, ​Vice Chair
  • Mr. William Fearn, Chair 
  • Mr. David Forster, Treasurer 
  • Mr. Michael Gough 
  • Mr. Gary Grad
  • Mr. Chris Hoffmann 
  • Mr. David Spiro, Secretary

Honorary Directors

  • Mr. George Hamilton
  • Hon. Dennis Lane 
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