A scene from the COC's Carmen. Photo: Michael Cooper © 2005

Did you know that not all of the performers on stage at the Four Seasons Centre are singers?

Each season a wide range of dedicated individuals participate in the COC’s productions as non-singing extras.

These extras, known as supernumeraries ("supers") play many roles such as servants, soldiers or party guests and help to fill out crowd scenes.

This is an exciting diversion from everyday life, and a chance to see and hear opera from a unique perspective and to work with some of the most talented opera singers from Canada and abroad.



Supers must be available for several weeks at a time on weekday evenings, and any time on Saturdays and Sundays (including holidays and long weekends).

Supers are usually required for three or four rehearsals each week. Each rehearsal lasts from two to four hours. From time to time, supers may be called in on short notice. There is a small honorarium in order to help cover expenses.

To Apply

If you are interested in becoming a super with the COC, please e-mail a photograph of yourself to with some basic measurements.

Due to union regulations, if you are a member of Canadian Actors' Equity, ACTRA or any other professional performing arts union or association, you are not eligible to be a super.

A scene from the COC's Carmen. Photo: Michael Cooper © 2005

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