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Join us for our final week of the Free Concert Series 2012!

It's the final week of the COC's Free Concert Series before we break for the holidays and it features a collection of music from a variety of genres and influences. Come to all three of the performances to experience something new or re-discover familiar favourites.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012 - 12 p.m. - Artists of the Toronto Symphony Orchestra - Creative Explorations

In this noon-hour concert, the TSO Adopt-A-Player musicians and volunteers premiere a jointly composed work based on their experiences of being artist-educators. Inspired by Spanish music, the musicians and volunteers present variations on Spanish sounds, themes and rhythms, introducing the audience to some of the techniques used during the creative process. Blurring the lines between music and theatre, this performance is a fun and fascinating insight into the process of creative composition.


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The Canadian Opera Company's Week of GrimmFest!

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Introduction to La Clemenza di Tito

La clemenza di Tito

What's it all about? 

La clemenza di Tito is an opera seria that Mozart loosely based off the life of the benevolent Roman emperor Titus (Tito), an emperor known for his generosity and compassion.

After deposing the previous emperor, Vitellius, Emperor Tito is dismayed to learn that his new political office doesn't allow him to marry his foreign lover, Berenice. Instead, the new ruler must cement his reign by marrying a woman of Rome. Begrudgingly, he decides to marry the beautiful Servilia, sister to his best friend Sesto but unbeknownst to him, Servilia is in love with the young Annio! 

Meanwhile, Tito's matrimonial bait-and-switch enrages Vitellia, the daughter of the Emperor Vitellius, who believes she deserves to be his wife. Vitellia convinces Sesto (who is in love with her) to murder Tito and burn the Capitol to avenge her honour!

Throw in the fact that there are not one, but two trouser roles in the two love triangles and you have the complicated web that is La clemenza di Tito

Why is it special?

La clemenza di Tito was one of the last pieces that Mozart completed before his sudden death in 1791. While the opera was frequently performed after Mozart's passing, it fell out of favour in the early 19th century and it wasn't until the mid-20th century that the opera became popular again. The current consensus is that La clemenza di Tito is one of Mozart's late masterpieces.


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Sara Fulgoni in the COC production of Bluebeard's Castle. Photo: Michael Cooper © 2001



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