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Behind the Scenes at the COC – September 14, 2012

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Behind the Scenes at the COC – September 7, 2012

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Behind the Scenes: The Spring Run

[Behind-the-Scenes, a series of guest posts by associate technical director Barney Bayliss, continues into the spring run! This post was written April 30. To see all Behind-the-Scenes posts, click here]

Today is the opening night for Ariadne auf Naxos. We first loaded Ariadne into the theatre more than a month ago, on March 29. Since then we have been working a LOT getting the three shows open.

All three of the spring shows come to us from different companies: Cinderella from Houston Grand Opera, Ariadne from Welsh National Opera, and Orfeo ed Euridice from Lyric Opera of Chicago. Last fall when I started putting the three operas together on paper, I knew that this season would be challenging. Ariadne has a lot of flown scenery and Orfeo has a gigantic wraparound cyclorama. Cinderella has two flown pieces that have to line up exactly with the set: the chimney and the bridge upstage of it. Ariadne features a flying bridge which brings Bacchus to the stage from the flies, and Orfeo has a working grave built into the raked deck, which has to be rigged with an elevator in the trap room.  

Now that Cinderella and Ariadne are open, we have one more week of rehearsing Orfeo while the other two shows run. We have changeovers almost every day now, and tomorrow we will have two: change from Ariadne into Cinderella for the May 1 matinee, then come back after the matinee to change into Orfeo for Monday’s day of lighting and Orfeo rehearsal.

We have built a new trap room elevator for Orfeo, something that should be standard equipment, but since the Four Seasons Centre was built, we have always made do with makeshift solutions. For Orfeo it was obvious that we needed a lot of travel and a platform big enough for two people, so we had the Scene Shop make us this structure (shown in the photo), which we run using a rented winch. It has been working beautifully.

Photo by Barney Bayliss, 2011

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Sara Fulgoni in the COC production of Bluebeard's Castle. Photo: Michael Cooper © 2001



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