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Countdown to Aida

Many people (including me) got their first look at the Aida staging on Saturday night, at our open ORCA rehearsal for Culture Days. The lucky attendees, who started lining up for the event nearly an hour before it was slated to begin, got the chance to see Acts I and II fully staged, with sets, costumes, and SURTITLES™. While an ORCA rehearsal is not as close to a performance experience as a dress rehearsal—there were occasional interruptions and repeats of short sections, and the conductor Johannes Debus could sometimes be heard giving direction and humming along with the music—those in the theatre that day got to see an interesting mix of polished performance and work-in-progress, and the interruptions only added to the intrigue. Tonight's dress rehearsal marks the end of the rehearsal process, and three days from now Aida will open!

Before the rehearsal, the director Tim Albery and our General Director Alexander Neef held a pre-performance chat hosted by Alexa Petrenko of Classical 96.3 FM's Sunday Night at the Opera. Since the production is not set in Ancient Egypt but rather in a secular but highly nationalistic country in a time similar to ours, hearing the concept discussion was an excellent opportunity for the audience to gain additional insight into the piece. We recorded a similar discussion held a few evenings earlier and made it available on our Podcasts page, so if you didn't make it to Saturday night's open rehearsal, give it a listen! For a taste of the discussion, check out this video:

Aida opens this Saturday, Oct. 2. at 4:30 p.m.. If you saw the first half at Culture Days, make sure to come and see the second half! If not, let Tim Albery's beautiful and haunting production enchant you for the first time.

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Sara Fulgoni in the COC production of Bluebeard's Castle. Photo: Michael Cooper © 2001



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