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Countdown to Operanation: Q&A with Ambur Braid

Our fairytale-themed party, Operanation, is a little over a week away, and excitement for the event is building. One of the most highly-anticipated aspects of this year's party is a special opera mash-up with Broken Social Scene and two operatic artists from our Ensemble Studio, Ambur Braid and Wallis Giunta. I contacted both of them to get an inside perspective on the preparations for Operanation, and what they told me was very interesting! Here, you can read what Ambur Braid (pictured at left) had to say.

When you're done, click over to read my Q&A with Wallis Giunta

CC: Tell me a little about yourself and your role in this event.

AB: This is my first year in the COC Ensemble Studio, second year attending Operanation. The program is incredible and they give us so many opportunities to perform in every kind of atmosphere.  This year Wallis and I were selected to perform a "mashup" of arias with Broken Social Scene and it should be quite the experience! These guys are so talented and we cannot wait to have a jam session with them.

CC: What can you tell me about your dress and jewelry?

AB: Farley Chatto designed a wedding dress for me that has a 1950s look to it and is short enough to let me comfortably run around the stage (and show off some pretty amazing "slippers"). The touches he added to the gown make it look ethereal from a distance and very detailed and gorgeous close up. He is a dream to work with! Myles Mindham designed fine jewelry for Wallis and I that will shimmer all night—but is so fresh and youthful. Myles has been working with me since my graduation from the Glenn Gould School and has always been supportive. I love his pieces because he totally thinks outside of the box (i.e. my earrings have flamingos on them).

CC: What would your ideal fairytale party look like?

AB: it would be in an incredibly modern building that is encased in glass so that the city lights create a subtle hue and a beautiful atmosphere. Champagne would be flowing and strangers and friends alike would drink, chat and dance. Everyone would discuss their love for opera and the growth of one the most wonderful companies in North America. All of the women would feel gorgeous inside and out. And there would be at least one magic pumpkin.

CC: Who do you think best embodies the qualities of "Prince Charming?"

AB: My husband. Since our first date he has always opened the door for me. He is so cool and collected and always puts others first. His patience is astounding. Oh, and then George Clooney.

Photo Credit: © Helene Cyr Photography

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Sean Braid (1/29/2011 6:31:00 AM)
My baby sister!! She is the best!
Donna Sherman (4/24/2011 6:04:00 AM)
Yay, Ambur! Very interesting and fun.

Sara Fulgoni in the COC production of Bluebeard's Castle. Photo: Michael Cooper © 2001



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