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Season Announcement Tomorrow!

Tomorrow morning at 10 a.m. we'll be announcing our 2011/2012 season, and through our  webcast (which will be embedded here) you'll be able to find out what's coming the moment it's announced. But in the meantime, why not speculate? Here are some hints: 

1. Among the operas, four different languages are represented.

2. The difference in ages between the season's oldest opera and its newest is 256 years.

3. The operas have a combined total character death count of 13.

4. Some of the operas have the protagonist's name in the title. Of these, there is a 50/50 split between male names and female ones. 

5. The 2010/2011 season and the 2011/2012 season have only two composers in common.

Image via flickr user takomabibelot.


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Definitely the Opera (1/18/2011 5:35:00 PM)
waittaminute... Maybe there is finally a baroque opera coming up! Four languages? Then there must be a Slavic opera in the offing, either Russian or Czech. I. Can't. Wait.

Sara Fulgoni in the COC production of Bluebeard's Castle. Photo: Michael Cooper © 2001



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