Honeybees at the COC


The Canadian Opera Company is delighted to be part of the ever-growing support of honeybees, Currently we host seven hives onthe roof of our opera house, the Four Seasons Centre for the Performing Arts. Follow the honeybees' progress on Parlando, with visits and posts from beekeeper Fred Davis!

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Other Urban Hives

Surprisingly, we're not the first opera company to have honeybees on our roof, as Paris Opera's two houses have had bees on their roofs for about 25 years... but we're probably the second! Let's hope a lot more opera houses get on board with bees. Click here to see the bees of the Paris Opera.

Actually honeybees are not native to Canada. They are European in origin, and were brought to North America by the early settlers.

Other urban bee hive locations include:

Six Fairmount hotels in North America, including the Royal York in Toronto

~ Royal Lancaster Hotel (London, England)

~ Vancouver's City Hall and Convention Centre

~ The South Lawn of the White House (Washington, D.C.).

~ Chicago Cultural Centre

~ Chicago City Hall

There are also an estimated 300 personal rooftop hives in Manhattan, N.Y.!

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HoneyMan (5/22/2010 3:24:03 PM)
Just love those Beeeeeeeezzzzzzzzzz!!!!!!!! and that honey - mmmmmmmmmm honey .... bzzzz bzzzz
Maryann Weston (5/27/2010 3:58:25 PM)
Do the COC hives have names (like those at the Royal York which have very appropriate names)?
Gianna Wichelow (5/27/2010 5:04:52 PM)
Maryann: We're going to ask our audience to suggest names for our queens and their hives very shortly! Watch this space... Honeyman: We too are very much looking forward to the honey harvest.


Honey Nutritional Information

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