Administrative Staff

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Executive Office

General Director: Alexander Neef

Managing Director: Robert Lamb

Music Director: Johannes Debus

Executive Assistant to the General Director: Marguerite Schabas

Strategic Advisor and Artistic Associate: Nikita Gourski

Artistic and Music Administration

Director of Music and Artistic Administration: Roberto Mauro

Contracts Manager: Karen Olinyk

Company Manager: Olwyn Lewis

Price Family Chorus Master Chair: Sandra Horst

Assistant to the Music Director: Derek Bate

Scheduling Manager: Kathryn Garnett 

Orchestra Personnel Manager: Ian Cowie

Music Librarian & Coach: Wayne Vogan

Assistant Scheduling Manager: Gerry Egan

Archivist, Joan Baillie Archives: Birthe Joergensen

Assistant Librarian: Ondrej Golias

COC Academy

Director, COC Academy: Nina Draganic

Ensemble Studio Head of the Ensemble Studio & Coach: Liz Upchurch

Head Vocal Consultant: Wendy Nielsen

Performance Kinetics Consultant: Jennifer Swan

COC Ensemble Studio
Emily D’Angelo
Lauren Eberwein
Hyejin Kwon
Danika Lorèn
Stéphane Mayer
Samantha Pickett
Megan Quick
Bruno Roy
Aaron Sheppard
Charles Sy

Company-in-Residence: Against the Grain Theatre


Director of Production: Chuck Giles

Technical Director: Mike Ledermueller 

Production Manager: Michael Freeman

Assistant Production Manager: Shawna Green

Assistant Technical Director: Melynda Jurgenson

Assistant Technical Director: Autumn Coppaway

Assistant Technical Director: Jake Gow

Lighting Supervisor: Daniele Guevara

Head Electrician: Joe Nalepka

Assistant Electrician: Ashley Rose

Head of Sound: Bob Shindle

Assistant Sound: Craig Kadoke

Head Carpenter: Paul Watkinson

Assistant Carpenter: Dave Middleton

Head Flyman: Michael Gelfand

Head of Properties: Daniel Graham

Head Front of House Technician: Alex Maitland

Core Crew: Doug Closs / Gregg Feor / Terry Hurley / Paul Otis

Scene Shop Co-ordinator: Amy Cummings

Head Scene Shop Carpenter: David Retzleff

Assistant Scene Shop Carpenter: Andrew Walker

Head Scenic Artist: Richard Gordon

Assistant Head Scenic Artist: Katherine Lilly

Rehearsal Head Technician: Scott Williamson

Properties Supervisor: Wulf Higgins

Resident Properties Builder/Co-ordinator: Stephanie Tjelios

Properties Buyer/Co-ordinator: Kathy Frost

Properties Builder/Co-ordinator: Tracy Taylor

Properties Builder: Carolyn Choo

Costume Supervisor: Sandra Corazza

Costume Co-ordinator: Cassandra Spence

Costume Co-ordinator: Chloe Anderson

Wig & Make-up Supervisor: Sharon Ryman

Head of Wig & Make-up Crew: Cori Ferguson

SURTITLES™ Producer: Nikita Gourski

Associate SURTITLES™ Producer: John Sharpe

SURTITLES™ Assistants: Olwyn Lewis 
                                        Gerry Egan

Supernumeraries Co-ordinators: Analee Stein / Elizabeth Walker


Chief Advancement Officer: Christie Darville

Executive Assistant to the Chief Advancement Officer: Elizabeth Scott

Manager, Government Relations: Amy Mushinski

Foundation Development: Janet Stubbs

Director of Development: Stephen Gilles

Senior Manager, Advancement Operations:
Andrea Salin

Manager, Special Events: Erin Koth

Senior Development Officer, Events & Engagement: Alexandra Folkes

Senior Development, Special Events: Brianna Chase

Manager, Stewardship: Emma Noakes

Senior Development Officer, Annual Programs and Patron Engagement: Natalie Sandassie

Co-ordinator, Annual Program & Patron Engagement: Soojin Ahn

Co-ordinator, Annual Program & Patron Engagement: Meghan Carlow

Senior Development Officer, Friends of the COC: Victor Widjaja

Individual Giving Co-ordinator, Friends of the COC: Sarah Westgarth

Senior Development Officer, Institutional Gifts: Francesco Corsaro 

Senior Development Officer, Partnerships: Francesca Perez

Senior Development Officer, Partnerships: Jennifer Pugsley

Advancement Operations Officer: John Kriter

Advancement Research & Operations Officer: Sophie Malek


Senior Communications Manager, Creative: Gianna Wichelow

Manager, Direct Sales and Giving: Richard Paradiso

Publicist and Publication Co-ordinator: Kristin McKinnon

Associate Manager, Marketing and Customer Service:
Eldon Earle

Associate Manager, Digital Marketing
: Meighan Szigeti

Digital Marketing Co-ordinator: Tanner Davies

Education & Outreach

Associate Director, Education and Outreach (on leave): Katherine Semcesen

Interim Associate Director, Education & Outreach:
Patty Jarvis

School Programs Manager: Madelyn Wilkinson

Children, Youth and Family Programs Manager: Bryna Berezowska

Free Concert Series

Program Manager, Free Concert Series: Dorian Cox

Ticket Services

Ticket Services Manager: Anja Arvo

Ticket Services Supervisor/Group Sales Coordinator: David Nimmo

Ticket Services Supervisor: Lilian Fung

Ticket Services Supervisor: Maureen Gualtieri

Finance & Administration

Director of Finance and Administration: Lindy Cowan, CPA, CA

Human Resources Manager: Lorraine O’Connor, CHRP

Finance Manager: Saptarsi Saha, CPA, CA

General Accountant: Florence Huang

General Accountant (FSCPA): Zoran Orlić

Payroll Accountant: Jeanny Won

Payroll Accountant: Jovana Bojoviç

Manager, IT Services: Steven Sherwood

Database Reporting Specialist: Brad Staples

IT Services Assistant: Tony Sandy

Receptionist/Switchboard: Katarina Bozovic

Mailroom Clerk/Courier: Branka Hrsum

Building Services

Associate Director, Facilities Management: Joe Waldherr

Assistant Manager, Operations: Christian Coulter

Administrator: Jennifer Toulmin

Maintenance Assistant, COC: Ryszard Gad

Maintenance Assistant, COC: Bane Peterman

Maintenance Assistant, COC: Julian Peters

Maintenance Assistant, FSCPA: James Esposito

Maintenance Assistant, FSCPA: Enrique Covarrubias Cortes

Maintenance Assistant, FSCPA: Piotr Wiench

Maintenance Assistant, FSCPA: Richard Moore

Building Operator, FSCPA: Dan Bisca

Building Operator, FSCPA: Dan Popescu

Building Operator, FSCPA: Adrian Tudoran

Security Supervisor: David Samuels

Security Administrator: Kathleen Minor

Security Guard: Natalia Juzyc

Security Guard: George Balyasin

Security Guard: Usman Khalid

Security Guard: Abdi Gulleed

Security Guard: Pavithra Sugumar

Carillon Services Supervisor: Paula Da Costa

Carillon Services Team
Jennifer Barros
Nash Lim
Jimmy Pacheco
Sugey Torres
Kinfe Wolde Nida

Four Seasons Centre for the Performing Arts

Director, Four Seasons Centre for the Performing Arts: Alfred Caron

Associate Director, Business Development: Elizabeth Jones

Business & Events Co-ordinator: Melissa McDonnell

Associate Director, Facility Management: Joe Waldherr

Patron Services Manager, Front of House (ON LEAVE): Julia Somerville

Interim Patron Services Manager, Front of House: Christian Coulter

Patron Services Manager, Food & Beverage: Brigitte Lang

Assistant Manager, Patron Services: Kim Hutchinson-Barber

Senior Patron Services Supervisor: Kimberly Wu

Senior Patron Services Supervisor: Stuart Constable

Patron Services Supervisors
Jamieson Eakin
Christine Groom
Sophia Wiens
Karol Carstensen
Amelia Smart
Deena Nicklefork
Steven McDermott
Susannah Mackay

Patron Services LeadDiana Pfeffer


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