Administrative Staff

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Executive Office

General Director: Alexander Neef

Managing Director: Robert Lamb

Executive Assistant to the General Director: Marguerite Schabas

Artistic Administration

Artistic Administrator: Roberto Mauro

Company Manager: Olwyn Lewis

Assistant, Artistic Administration & Music: Karen Olinyk


Music Director: Johannes Debus

Music Administrator: Sandra Gavinchuk

Chorus Master: Sandra Horst

Music Librarian & Coach: Wayne Vogan

Head of the Ensemble Studio & Coach: Liz Upchurch

Resident Conductor: Derek Bate

Scheduling Manager: Kat Garnett 

Assistant Scheduling Manager: Hannah Gordon

Archivist, Joan Baillie Archives: Birthe Joergensen

Orchestra Personnel Manager: Ian Cowie

Assistant Librarian: Ondrej Golias


Director of Programming, Free Concert Series: Nina Draganić


Director of Production: Peter W. Lamb

Production Manager: Lee Milliken

Associate Technical Director: Barney Bayliss

Lighting Supervisor: Daniele Guevara

Assistant Technical Director: Melynda Jurgenson

Assistant Technical Director: Wendy Ryder

Head Electrician: Janice Fraser

Assistant Electrician: Joel Thoman

Head of Sound: Bob Shindle

Assistant Sound: Craig Kadoke

Head Carpenter: Paul Watkinson

Assistant Carpenter: Mike Gelfand

Head Flyman: Rupert Baker

Head of Properties: Alison Potter

Core Crew: Scott Clarke / Terry Hurley / Paul Otis / Chuck Theil

Scene Shop Co-ordinator: Alex Naylor

Head Scene Shop Carpenter: David Retzleff

Assistant Scene Shop Carpenter: Andrew Walker

Head Scenic Artist: Richard Gordon

Assistant Head Scenic Artist: Katherine Lilly

Rehearsal Head Technician: Scott Williamson

Properties Supervisor: Guy Nokes

Resident Properties Builder/Co-ordinator: Stephanie Tjelios

Properties Buyer/Co-ordinator: Kathy Frost

Properties Builder/Co-ordinator: Tracy Taylor

Properties Builder: Carolyn Choo

Properties Builder: Wulf

Costume Supervisor: Sandra Corazza

Costume Co-ordinator: Cassandra Spence

Costume Co-ordinator: Chloe Anderson

Costume Co-ordinator: Ren Cahill

Wig & Make-up Supervisor: Sharon Ryman

Head of Wig & Make-up Crew: Cori Ferguson

Production Co-ordinator: Shawna Green

SURTITLES™ Producer: Gunta Dreifelds

SURTITLES™ Editor: Zane Kaneps

SURTITLES™ Assistant: Susan Ball

Supernumeraries Co-ordinators: Analee Stein / Elizabeth Walker


Chief Advancement Officer: Christie Darville

Director of Development: Stephen Gilles

Manager, Government Relations: Amy Mushinski

Senior Manager, Advancement Operations: Peter Hussell

Associate Director, Donor Relations: Dawn Marie Schlegel

Donor Relations Officer: Emma Noakes

Senior Development Officer, Annual Programs and Patron Engagement: Natalie Sandassie

Co-ordinator, Annual Programs and Patron Engagement: Alex Folkes

Co-ordinator, Annual Programs and Patron Engagement: Bree Callahan

Senior Development Officer, Friends of the COC: Victor Widjaja

Coordinator, Friends of the COC: Heather Cassels

Senior Development Officer, Institutional Gifts: Francesco Corsaro

Senior Development Officer, Partnerships: Sarah Heim

Development Communications Officer: Nikita Gourski

Senior Manager, Special Events: Tracy Abergel

Senior Development Officer, Special Events & Ensemble Circle: Laura Aylan-Parker

Donations Database Officer: Olena Moldovan

Donations Database Officer: John Kriter

Public Relations

Director of Public Relations: Claudine Domingue

Media Relations Manager: Jennifer Pugsley

Associate Manager, Editorial: Claire Morley

Assistant Publicist: Kristin McKinnon


Chief Communications Officer: Steve Kelley

Senior Communications Manager, Creative: Gianna Wichelow

Associate Manager, Digital Marketing: Meighan Szigeti

Marketing Co-ordinator: Eldon Earle

Digital Marketing Co-ordinator: Kiersten Hay

Call Centre Manager: Richard Paradiso

Education & Outreach

Associate Director, Education and Outreach: Katherine Semcesen

Adult Programs Manager: Gianmarco Segato

School Programs Manager: Vanessa Smith

Children and Youth Programs Co-ordinator: Amber Yared (on leave)

Children and Youth Programs Co-ordinator: Blanche Israël

Ticket Services

Ticket Services Manager: Andrea Salin

Assistant Ticket Services Manager: Nikki Tremblay

Ticket Services Supervisor/Group Sales Coordinator: David Nimmo

Ticket Services Supervisor: Lilian Fung

Finance & Administration

Director of Finance and Administration: Lindy Cowan, CPA, CA

Human Resources Manager: Lorraine O’Connor, CHRP

Finance Manager: Amalie Vanderzwet, CPA, CA

General Accountant: Florence Huang

General Accountant: Zoran Orlić

Payroll Accountant: Jeanny Won

Payroll Accountant: Jovana Bojoviç

Manager, IT Services: Steven Sherwood

Database Reporting Specialist: Brad Staples

IT Services Assistant: Tony Sandy

Receptionist/Switchboard: Katarina Bozovic

Mailroom Clerk/Courier: Branka Hrsum

Building Services

Associate Director, Facilities Management: Joe Waldherr

Assistant Manager, Operations: Christian Coulter

Administrative Assistant: Jennifer Toulmin

Maintenance Assistant, COC: Ryszard Gad

Maintenance Assistant, COC: Bane Peterman

Maintenance Assistant, COC: Julian Peters

Maintenance Assistant, FSCPA: James Esposito

Maintenance Assistant, FSCPA: Mark Healy

Maintenance Assistant, FSCPA: Piotr Wiench

Building Operator, FSCPA: Dan Bisca

Building Operator, FSCPA: Dan Popescu

Building Operator, FSCPA: Adrian Tudoran

Security Supervisor: David Samuels

Security Guard: George Balyasin

Security Guard: Tammy Hill

Security Guard: Natalia Juzyc

Security Guard: Usman Khalid

Security Guard: Kathleen Minor

Security Guard: Heather Reid

Eurest Services Supervisor: Paula Da Costa

Eurest Services Night Supervisor: Adela Cervantes

Eurest Services Team: Jennifer Barros

Eurest Services Team: Malaku Godana

Eurest Services Team: Nash Lim

Eurest Services Team: Jimmy Pacheco

Eurest Services Team: Sugey Torres

Eurest Services Team: Nash Lim

Eurest Services Team: P. Aleli Cabrera

Eurest Services Team: Veronica Tealdo

Eurest Services Team: Luis Pupuche

Eurest Services Team: Syrus Gana

Eurest Services Team: Alicia Perico

Four Seasons Centre for the Performing Arts

Director, Four Seasons Centre for the Performing Arts: Alfred Caron

Associate Director, Business Development: Elizabeth Jones

Business and Events Coordinator: Shannon Churm

Associate Director, Facility Management: Joe Waldherr

Assistant Manager, Operations: Christian Coulter

Administrative Assistant: Jennifer Toulmin

Associate Director, Patron Services: Jefferson Guzman

Assistant Manager, Food and Beverage: Brigitte Lang

Assistant Manager, Front of House: Julia Somerville

Assistant Manager, Patron Services: Kim Hutchinson-Barber

Patron Services Supervisor: Stuart Constable

Patron Services Supervisor: Enrique Covarrubias Cortes

Patron Services Supervisor: Jamieson Eakin

Patron Services Supervisor: Melissa McDonnell

Patron Services Supervisor: Lori MacDonald

Patron Services Lead: Christine Groom

Patron Services Lead: Karol Carstensen

Patron Services Lead: Rosemary Williams

Patron Services Lead: Skye Plowman

Patron Services Lead: Grace Cacciatore


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