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Best Lines from Nixon in China

Last week, Alex Ross, music critic for The New Yorker, tweeted a few lines from the libretto of Nixon in China, tagging them with the hashtag #favoritenixonlines (a hashtag is a way to tag your tweet as relating to a certain subject, so that others with an interest in the subject can find it quickly). Soon lots of others were jumping in to submit their own favourites. I've collected many of them here, starting with the original tweet: 

@alexrossmusic: A car roars past, playing loud pop. 

@alexrossmusic: Let Gypsy Rose kick off her high-heeled party shoes.

@harveypenguin: It's prime time in the USA! 

@N8Ma: As our hands shield the spinning globe from the flamethrowers of the mob.

@InklessPW: The rats. The rats begin to chew the sheets. 

@N8Ma: On our flight over from Shanghai, the countryside looked drab and grey. "Brueghel," Pat said.

@dotdotdottweet: The smell of burgers on the grill made strong men cry.

@ericgewiz: Telecommunication has broadcast your message into space.

@ericgewiz: Now for a solo on the spoons.

@ericgewiz: My right hand man. You'd never think to look at him that he's James Bond. 

@MetOpera: Who are our enemies, who are our friends?

@megoceleste: We'll teach these mother f—s how to dance!

@TelGolden: Let routine dull the edge of mortality. 

@MetOpera: News has a kind of mystery.

@CanadianOpera: I squeezed your paycheck till it screamed, there was the rent, there were those damned slipcovers, and the groceries. 

@strikingthings: The people are the heroes now. Behemoth pulls the peasant's plow.

@SarahBaird: Wonder what I was doing then? Dressing up as if you'd walk in. At any moment. Go on, dear. Don't let me interrupt.

@harveypenguin: Let me be a grain of sand in heaven's eye, and I shall taste eternal joy. 

@thisizjoey: Oh California, hold me close.

@zacharytoddbarr: Dishes are washed and homework done, the dog and grandma fall asleep.

@awshuttleworth: Though we spoke quietly, the eyes and ears of history caught every gesture and every word.

If you have any favourite lines from Nixon in China that don't appear here, share them in the comments!

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