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The Complete Works of #mythplot

Last week, the COC hosted a twitter contest for a pair of tickets to Orfeo ed Euridice. The conceit? Inspired by the popular #operaplot contest hosted annually by The Omniscient Mussel, the goal was to summarize the plot of a Greek myth in a single tweet (140 characters or less, including the mandatory #mythplot hashtag). For your entertainment, here's the complete list of entries. 

The winning tweet:

@emilyesanford: #mythplot Narcissus, loving his own image, was reduced to pondside foliage--ignoring Echo's devoted refrain. Their demise? Love in Vain.

Complete Works:

@g026r: For I have defeated the sphinx, saved Thebes, and married a beautiful queen. (Whaddya mean she's my mom?) #mythplot

@g026r: That is truly a beautiful man. I am unable to look away. Le mort de Narcissus #mythplot

@g026r: Up the mountain. Down the mountain. (Sys-) Up the mountain. Down the mountain. (-i-) Up the mountain. Down the mountain. (-phus) #mythplot

@g026r: ♪ This itsy-bitsy spider ticked Athena off... ♬ #mythplot>

@giannawichelow: Zeus eats pregnant wife who nurtures baby inside him. Headaches: OW! Full-size Athena explodes from his head. OW! Z survives. WOW! #mythplot

@giannawichelow: Naughty Zeus (again) takes form of swan, gets it on with Leda, she lays two eggs... which hatch. What the ~ ? Good times! #mythplot

@meadhbhogall: Achilles the great, near perfect warrior "missteps", and loses his life balance. #mythplot

@meadhbhogall: Musician loves beauty, marries. Beauty bit by snake, dies. Musician woos Hades but loses faith, turns around and loses beauty. #mythplot

@jacqua83: Icarus flies so close to the sun that his man-made wings melt & he dies. #mythplot

@nothingbuthitz: Snake kills girl, hero plays music to please captor, "Don't look back" by She and Him plays. Poor Orfeo.

@johngilks: Are you the bird wot chopped up 'er brother, boiled Pelias, poisoned Glaucis and rubbished 'er chickens? You're nicked my girl #mythplot

@johngilks: Wandering around a labyrinth chomping youths and maidens. That's a bass thing to do. #mythplot

@johngilks: And today's guest on Desert Island Discs comes from a seriously dysfunctional royal family and has relationship issues... #mythplot

@johngilks: Anything you can do I can do better. I can fly anywhere higher than you. Splash! #mythplot

@johngilks: You can shack up with a Greek ship owner but he's going to marry that other chick. #mythplot

@johngilks: King takes girl Hero sulks People die King returns girl Hero still sulks Boytoy dies Hero gets mad Trojan hero dies What a heel #mythplot

@CURZONPRODUCT: Don't forget the old bloke you killed at the crossroads—"I wonder if I'll ever meet my dad?"! #mythplots

@anamanao: Oedipus fulfilled the prophecy that he would kill his father and marry his mother. #mythplot

@RZevitaAI10: My wife's being a raging b— so I'm gonna f—k some cow... what's that honey? you want to keep the cow? damn #Iio #mythplot

@RZevitaAI10: Oh, sleep. #Semele #mythplot

@RZevitaAI10: Life's a b— and then you die. Or not. Oh wait, just kidding. You still die. Whoops! #Eurydice #mythplot.

@RZevitaAI10: Convince a woman to betray her family to help save your life, then dump her on an island. Nice one #Theseus. #mythplot

@RZevitaAI10: Oh, look! A horse! ...dammit. #FallofTroy #mythplot.

@RZevitaAI10:  Odysseus, I think we're lost. Maybe we should stop and ask for directions? Let's pull over and ask the one-eyed guy #mythplot

@RZevitaAI10: Who knew you could get pregnant from a golden shower? #Danae #mythplot

@RZevitaAI10: My boyfriend dumped me and totally left all his stuff. Stupid sword. Why don't I just kill myself. ohwait... #Dido #mythplot

@boyreporter: Hey dad, watch me fly. I can go higher.... Oh no. #mythplot

@jl_nicegirl: dad kills daughter, mom kills dad, son kills mom. And you thought your family had problems #mythplot #oresteia

@meredithfgwhite: Troy on fire! Greeks everywhere! Escaped city walls with dad, son, household gods, and... OH GOD. FORGOT THE WIFE. #Aeneas #mythplot

@meredithfgwhite: #Anchises: Welp. Had one-night stand with Aphrodite, passed out, and woke up to her threatening castration. Considering celibacy. #mythplot

@meredithfgwhite: "I'm on a boat AND / it's going fast AND / I've got a golden-fleece-stolen-from-Aeetes AFGHAN." - Jason & Argonauts ft. Orpheus #mythplot

@meredithfgwhite: Daphnis and Chloe fall in love, escape pirates, eat cheese, endure 4 books of literary allusion before learning how to get it on. #mythplot>

@robertrival: You stole my girl. So I'm gonna sulk right here & watch you get trounced. Crap. They killed my BFF. Now I gotta raise hell. #mythplot

Photo Credit: © 2006 Robert Kusel/Lyric Opera of Chicago

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Greek Goddess (5/4/2011 11:17:00 PM)
Such imagination! More pls!
Cecily (5/5/2011 1:30:00 PM)
There were so many clever entries. They were a pleasure to read.

Sara Fulgoni in the COC production of Bluebeard's Castle. Photo: Michael Cooper © 2001



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