• The Ways We Create

    By Ian Cusson

    As a kid, I was always making things. So when I started taking piano lessons, putting sounds together came naturally. I’d start with improvisatory play at the piano, and that turned into creating larger and more elaborate works. This always felt like a form of storytelling to me, which is probably why, even as a young kid, I was excited about opera.

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  • Meet the 'Other' Tenants of Our Opera House

    By Alfred Caron

    The Four Seasons Centre is a big operation. That’s what my background is in, big operations like restaurants, hotels, golf courses. I was part of the opening team at Roy Thomson Hall, and was executive director of the CN Tower for five years.

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  • Farewell to Nina Draganić

    By Dorian Cox

    Next month one of the COC’s longest-serving team members, Nina Draganić, will be embarking on a new chapter and moving on from her role as Director of the COC Academy. In celebrating her leadership, we wanted to specifically highlight the incredible work and passion she has brought to launching and growing an extraordinary arts initiative, the Free Concert Series in the Richard Bradshaw Amphitheatre.

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