• At Home With... Chloe Anderson

    By Chloe Anderson

    As a Costume Coordinator with the Canadian Opera Company, my days are usually full of a variety of tasks, and lots of face-to-face interaction! But as 
    our spring 2020 season came to a premature end, I’ve been keeping busy putting my sewing skills to use in an entirely different way.

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  • At Home With... Marie Bérard

    By Marie Bérard

    Reading is a passion at the best of times but I read on a Kindle and almost exclusively on the TTC and in restaurants so it’s been actually really nice to catch up on physical books.

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  • At Home With... the COC Ensemble Studio

    By COC Ensemble Studio

    COVID-19 has impacted all of our lives in countless ways. When your job relies on creating music and rehearsing face-to-face these times become especially challenging. We spoke to the artists of our Ensemble Studio training program to discuss how they’re coping with isolation and balancing the drive to continue making music together.

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