• Becoming Antinous: Week Five

    By Isaiah Bell
    (l-r) Thomas Hampson as Hadrian and Isaiah Bell as Antinous in the Canadian Opera Company’s world premiere production of Hadrian, 2018

    Week Five

    Friday, October 5

    Full run on stage with piano tonight. My throat is feeling dodgy and I’m concerned. A couple other people have been sick. My goal tonight is to try to stay present no matter what... because I know that I’m mostly likely to abandon myself...

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  • Becoming Antinous: Week Four

    By Isaiah Bell
    Preliminary costume design for Antinous in the COC’s world premiere of Hadrian by costume designer Gillian Gallow, 2018

    Week Four

    Thursday, September 27

    Day off. A bit foggy headed after the post-run-through wind-down, but Rufus took us out for dim sum this morning, which was lovely. Spent most of the rest of the day walking – bought a fall jacket, and went to see Ryan Hamilton, a comedian I like. Ate at Fat Pasha. Started a new Edith Wharton: The Custom of the Country. All told, a success, though I’m almost too worn out to drop into life today.

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  • Becoming Antinous: Week Three

    By Isaiah Bell
    In rehearsal for the Canadian Opera Company’s Hadrian on September 14, 2018, photo: Gaetz Photography

    Week Three

    Thursday, September 20

    Day off. After a busy and tumultuous week I’ve been looking forward to laying low for a day. It passed quickly, but I exercised, saw a good friend for dinner, and compiled my diary, so it was a success. I managed to get in some relaxation too.

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