• At Home With... the COC Ensemble Studio

    By COC Ensemble Studio

    COVID-19 has impacted all of our lives in countless ways. When your job relies on creating music and rehearsing face-to-face these times become especially challenging. We spoke to the artists of our Ensemble Studio training program to discuss how they’re coping with isolation and balancing the drive to continue making music together.

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  • At Home With... Marjorie Owens

    By Marjorie Owens

    During the self-quarantine, I’ve been staying in touch with friends and family. A wonderful colleague, Crystal Manich, has never seen Aaron Sorkin’s The West Wing so we’re having watch parties from afar to tackle the first season.[READ MORE]
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  • At Home With... Rufus Wainwright

    By Rufus Wainwright

    From the start of all this, I decided to record a song of mine a day until the isolation ends and post them on my Instagram channel. I call them #quarantunes or #musicaleverydays. It’s a daily version of my #roberecitals and I always appear in my bathrobe in them.

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