• Hear From a Past Winner: Simone McIntosh

    By Simone McIntosh

    I have a confession to make.

    I’m terrible to be around at auditions!

    Some singers pace up and down the hallway, getting into the zone. Others meditate, or work on that last bit of phrasing they want to nail down.

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  • Hear From a Past Winner: Charles Sy

    By Charles Sy

    The day of my audition for the COC’s Ensemble Studio Competition, I was incredibly stressed. I 
    had just recovered from a really bad cold and my voice was still quite raw from a week of heavy coughing.

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  • Circle of Artists: Cole Alvis

    By COC Staff

    Circle of Artists: Spotlight on Michif (Métis) Theatre Creator Cole Alvis

    Over the next several months, the Canadian Opera Company will be highlighting members from our Circle of Artists initiative – an advisory body that is sparking conversation around institutional change at the COC and speaking directly to decision-makers to shape commitments that will support Indigenous communities with relationships based on reciprocity, caring, and mutual respect.

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