• A Message from COC General Director Alexander Neef on La Traviata

    By Alexander Neef

    In recent weeks, there have been many questions about the decision to engage Stephen Lord as conductor for La Traviata next season, following allegations of harassment that emerged against him last summer.

    I have heard a lot of concern expressed for our team members, as well as visiting cast and crews. I also heard a desire for us, as a leading Canadian performing arts organization, to re-examine how we consider all aspects of such consequential matters. I am deeply grateful for everyone who came to us with their thoughts. 

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  • Circle of Artists: Olivia Shortt

    By COC Staff

    Olivia Shortt (She/her/hers: Anishinaabe from Nipissing First Nation) is a Tkarón:to (Toronto)-based multi-disciplinary artist. She trained as a classical saxophonist but also works in the arts as a multi-instrumentalist, improviser, composer, sound designer, curator, and producer.

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  • A Message from the Estates of Harry Somers and Mavor Moore: Replacing the “Kuyas” Aria in Louis Riel

    By COC Staff

    In 1967, Mavor Moore and Harry Somers had been commissioned by the Canadian Opera Company to write an opera for Canada’s Centennial. They chose Louis Riel as a subject, and created a piece that has been consistently hailed as a work of international stature.

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