• At Home With... Marjorie Owens

    By Marjorie Owens

    During the self-quarantine, I’ve been staying in touch with friends and family. A wonderful colleague, Crystal Manich, has never seen Aaron Sorkin’s The West Wing so we’re having watch parties from afar to tackle the first season.[READ MORE]
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  • At Home With... Rufus Wainwright

    By Rufus Wainwright

    From the start of all this, I decided to record a song of mine a day until the isolation ends and post them on my Instagram channel. I call them #quarantunes or #musicaleverydays. It’s a daily version of my #roberecitals and I always appear in my bathrobe in them.

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  • Playing Our Part: Making Masks for Michael Garron Hospital

    By COC Staff

    While the Four Seasons Centre for the Performing Arts remains dark in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, our production team has joined the many industries across the country in the fight against the virus.

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