As a cultural charity, the Canadian Opera Company relies on the support of our members, donors, and partners.

Learn more about what their support has continued to make possible in the COC’s Audience Impact Report (Spring and Summer 2020).



The Life Trustees Council salutes the leaders of the COC community whose efforts have been integral to the company’s artistic evolution and transformative history of accomplishment.

Earlaine Collins
J. Rob Collins
George Dembroski
A. J. Diamond
David Ferguson, Chair
Jerry and Geraldine Heffernan

Ben Heppner
Henry N. R. Jackman
Michael Levine
Sue Mortimer, C. M.
Adrianne Pieczonka
Arthur R. A. Scace, C. M.
David Stanley-Porter


The COC Emeritus Council, led by the Executive Committee, salutes those Board Members who have completed their term and whose leadership efforts have been integral to the company’s artistic evolution and transformative history of accomplishment.

Rosemary Dover
Catherine Fauquier
Michael Gough, Co-Chair
Anne Maggisano

Sue Mortimer, C. M.
Frances Price
Colleen Sexsmith
Keith Sjögren
Jack Whiteside, Co-Chair


A legacy of leadership, passion, and philanthropy achieved through individual lifetime giving in support of the Canadian Opera Company.

Anne & Tony Arrell
ARIAS: Canadian Opera Student Development Fund
Earlaine Collins in memory of Gerard H. Collins

John A. Cook
Philip Deck & Kimberley Bozak
Estate of Horst Dantz & Don Quick
Peter M. Deeb
Jerry & Geraldine Heffernan
Marjorie & Roy Linden

The Catherine and Maxwell Meighen Foundation
Roger D. Moore
Sheila K. Piercey
Frances & Tim Price
Arthur & Susan Scace
Colleen Sexsmith
Estate of James Drewry Stewart
Joey & Toby Tanenbaum
Anonymous ( 3 )


The COC offers its sincere thanks to the individuals listed below for their extraordinary support.

Building a community of world-class artists, both established and emerging.

$100,000 +
George & Kathy Dembroski

Jack Whiteside

$50,000 - $99,999
Robert Sherrin

$25,000 - $49,999
Earlaine Collins

Françoise Sutton
Kristine Vikmanis & Denton Creighton

Up to $24,999
June Shaw



Encouraging the next generation of artists and celebrating Canada’s wealth of talent.

The Catherine and Maxwell Meighen Foundation

$500,000 - $999,999
The Slaight Family Foundation

$100,000 - $499,999
Anne & Tony Arrell

Marjorie & Roy Linden

$25,000 - $99,999
The Azrieli Foundation

Ethel Harris & the late Milton E. Harris
Patrick and Barbara Keenan Foundation

Up to $24,999
Keith Ambachtsheer & Virginia Atkin

ARIAS: Canadian Opera Student Development Fund
W. Bowen & S. Gavinchuk

Marcia Lewis Brown
Catherine Fauquier
Joy Levine
Ruby Mercer Endowment Fund
R. Manke
Patricia & Frank Mills
Sue Mortimer, C. M. in memory of Clive Bennett Mortimer
MZ Media Inc.
The Stratton Trust
Janet Stubbs
Tesari Charitable Foundation
Toronto Wagner Society
Ruth Watts-Gransden
Brian Wilks

Providing general program support is critical to the COC’s artistic mission.

The P. Austin Family Foundation
Jerry and Geraldine Heffernan

The Henry White Kinnear Foundation
Frances & Tim Price
Anonymous ( 1 )

$50,000 - $99,999
Margaret & David Fountain

$25,000 - $49,999
The MacNeill Family Foundation

Estate of Robert T. Hintz and Gregory P. Schultz
Estate of Helen Kathleen Allen Stacey
Anonymous ( 1 )

Up to $24,999
The Bennett Family Foundation

Estate of Ruth Bolt
Estate of Ninalee Craig
Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany
Estate of Douglas G. Gardner
Patrick Hodgson Family Foundation
Estate of Roberta Ann Imboden
Estate of George Dennis Lane
Marjorie & Roy Linden
Ms Lenore MacDonald
James & Christine Nicol
Estate of Vera Daria Shevchuk
Estate of James Drewry Stewart
Estate of Marianne Ruth Susanik
Kristine Vikmanis & Denton Creighton
Brian Wilks
Lenore Jane Wilson in memory of Ruth McCreery


Securing the future and long-term vitality of the Canadian Opera Company through visionary, permanent investments.

Earlaine Collins in memory of Gerard H. Collins

Free Concert Endowment Fund
Jerry & Geraldine Heffernan
Frances & Tim Price

$1,000,000 - $1,999,999
Dr. & Mrs. Larry M. Agranove

Estate of Horst Dantz & Don Quick
The Hon. Henry N. R. Jackman
The Henry White Kinnear Foundation
Roger D. Moore
Sheila K. Piercey
Michael V. & Wanda Plachta
Frank and Emily Riddell Memorial Trust
George J. Zebrowski

$500,000 - $999,999
Ethel B. Jackson

R. Samuel McLaughlin Foundation
The Catherine and Maxwell Meighen Foundation

$250,000 - $499,999
ARIAS: Canadian Opera Student Development Fund

Dr. Daphne Bell
John A. Cook
Evelyn Ellen Elrick
Estate of N. Faye Wood

$100,000 - $249,999
Estate of Isobel May Allen

Frances V. Blue
Ruth Eileen Day
George & Kathy Dembroski
Estate of Marion Gertrude Farr
Leonore Hetherington
Helen Inch
Ruby Mercer
Edwin & Ann Mirvish
Estate of K. F. Read
Estate of Howard Frederick Rock
J. M. Doc Savage
David Stanley-Porter
Mrs. Ruth E. Vanderslip
Anonymous ( 5 )

$50,000 - $99,999
The J.P. Bickell Foundation

David Bowen
Mr. Walter Carsen, O.C.
Dr. Rodney C. Ellis
Estate of Mildred H. M. Hamilton
John G. Hunter
Michael & Linda Hutcheon
John B. Lawson, C.M. Q.C.

Anthony V. Mason
Estate of K. F. Read
Rob & Penny Richards
Lilly Offenbach Strauss
Amy & Claire Stewart
Janet Stubbs
Sun Life Financial
TransCanada Corp.
Anonymous ( 2 )

$25,000 - $49,999
Mrs. Leonard G. (Anne) Delicaet

Estate of Lynne Jeffrey
Marjorie & Roy Linden
Cecilia M. Longstaffe
Estate of Esther Jean Macdonald
Ann D. Sutton
Anonymous ( 1 )


The Government of Canada

Ontario Arts Foundation


We were heartbroken to learn of soprano Erin Wall’s death from cancer on October 8, 2020 in Toronto. Known for her remarkable versatility as a performer, she was an unforgettable presence on the international opera scene and a valued member of the Canadian Opera Company community.

Erin was profoundly grateful for the mentorship opportunities she received as an artist and was committed to paying those experiences forward. In honour of her life and legacy, her family has created the Erin Wall Tribute Fund with the Canadian Opera Company. Donations made in Erin's memory will provide vital support for the art form she loved.

Ms Elaine Alvarez
Mrs. Olena Andrushchenko
Mrs. Christi Arellano
Artists of the COC Chorus
Dr. David S. Ayers
Mr. Robert Bancroft
Ms Lindsay Barrett
Jamie Barton
Mr. Derek Bate
Mr. Michael Benchetrit
Ms Marie Berard
Daniel Biaggi
Mr. Julien Bilodeau
Mrs. Joyce L. Boelsche
Ms Maria Braico
Marcia Lewis Brown**
Ms Shelley Brown†
Ms Elizabeth Buccheri
Ms Susan Bullock CBE
Ms Stacie Carmona
Mr. Rubin Casas
Mr. Gordon & Ms Joyce Cherry
Ms Rosemary Clapham
Mr. Roger Cole
Mr. Michael Colvin
Ms Sandra Corazza
Apolonia Cornax
Lindy Cowan & Chris Hatley****
Mr. Ian Cowie†
Mr. Dorian Cox†
Lauren Curnow
Maureen Curran****
Carrol Anne Curry****
Ms Kristine Dandavino
Ms Sarah Davidson
Mr. Neal Davies
Dean Artists Managment
Ms Cristina DiChiera
Eldon Earle
Ms Cori Ellison
Ms Megan Evans
Ms Kim Feltham
Ms Judith Doris Forst
Mr. Edward P. Frazier
Mr. Michael Freeman
Mrs. Catherine Gardner
Ms Kathryn Garnett†
David Gates**
Mr. W. Bowen & Ms S. Gavinchuk****
Mr. Samuel Gelber
Mr. Brian Gfroerer
Dr. Joseph & Mrs. Gloria Gilbert***
Ms Heather Glerum
Dr. Eudice Goldberg**
Ms Jaime Lynne Graves
Allene Hackleman
Ms Sandra Hackleman
Ms Helen Hall
Ms Judith Harris**
Ms Amy Kramer Hawks
Mr. Michael Heaston
Mr. Stephen Hegedus
Mr. Jaime Henderson
Mr. Ben Heppner
Michiel Horn & Cornelia Schuh****
Mr. Jason Howard
Ms Veronica Hubert and Mr. William Smith*
Mr. Jameson James
David I. Johnson
Mr. Robert Russell Jones
Ms Mary Jungerman
Mr. Joseph Kaiser
Mr. Roger Kaza
Ms Christine Kerr
Ms Lidia Khaner
Lilian Kilianski† & Brian Pritchard**
Ms Helen Kinnamon
Valarie Koziol**
Mr. John Kriter†
Kelly Kuo
Peter W. Lamb & Veronica Tennant
Ms Margery Lambert
Ms Mary LaMonaca
Mr. Duncan & Mrs. Sondra Lear
Alexander & Anna Leggatt****
Mr. David Leigh
Ms Olwyn Lewis
Ms Michele Ley
Marjorie & Roy Linden****
Ms Pamela Lowe
Dr. Mark H. Lowitt
Ms Simone Luti
Mr. Donald MacLeod
Mr. Ian Macleod
Ms Jennifer MacLeod
Kye Marshall
Michael and Julia Mauro
Ms Elizabeth McBurney
Ms Julie McIsaac
Ms Lynn McLean
Mr. Andreas Melinat
Ms Rebecca Meyer
Ms Deirdre Michael
Mr. Christopher Millard and Ms Camille Churchfield
Varqa Mirzaagha
Jonathan Morgan***
Ms Erin Morley
Sue Mortimer, C.M., in memory of Clive Bennett Mortimer****
Ms Hollie Mowry
Mr. Daniel S. Novak
Ms Lorraine O'Connor
Mr. Patrick O'Donnell
Karen Olinyk†**
Mr. David Osborne
Ms Christine Paisley
Mr. Andre Paradis**
Mr. David Parkes
Ms Mary Parkhill
Ms Adrianne Pieczonka
Mr. Roger Pines
Mr. Robert Pomakov
Dr. Philip & Mrs. Maureen Price****
Mr. Eugene Radley
Patricia Rae****
Ms Anne Ratson
Ms Rachel Roulet
Mr. Nicholas Russell
Ms Kathryn Sager
Annie & Ian Sale**
Ms Marguerite Schabas† and Mr. Steven Sherwood†
Ms Sara Schabas
Mr. William Schabas
Ms Dawn Marie Schlegel*
Ms Lauren Segal
Colleen Sexsmith****
Ms Jeanne Shannon
Dr. Joseph So****
In memory of Gregory Williams****
Ms Jane Spellacy
Shannon Stampatori
Ms Sharon Stine
Janet Stubbs†***
Dr. David Surplis
Ms Krisztina Szabó
Mr. Ryan Taylor
Ms Shirley Thomson
Lauren Tomasich
Mr. Giles Tomkins
Ms Stefani Truant
Riki Turofsky & Charles Petersen***
Ms Aria Umezawa
Ms Kellie & Mr. Christian Van Horn
Ms Kristine Vikmanis & Mr. Denton Creighton****
Ms Vilma I. Vitols
Dr. Nancy F. Vogan****
Mr. Wayne Vogan†****
Ms Jillian Walker
Michael, Suzanne, and Shannon Wall
Ruth Watts-Gransden****
Ms A.J. Wester
Ms Gianna L. Wichelow†
Mr. Roland Wood
Mr. Tom Wright
Ms Virginia Wright
Mr. Gene Wu
Mr. Kenneth Yule
Anonymous ( 3 )


The COC thanks our membership community for their passion and commitment. The vital support provided by these individuals has allowed us to continue to share the power of music, even while our stage is dark.


GOLD $50,000 +
The Hon. William C. Graham & Mrs. Catherine Graham****
Jerry Heffernan****
The Catherine and Maxwell Meighen Foundation***
Jim & Christine Nicol*
Anonymous ( 1 )

SILVER $25,000 - $49,999
Mark & Gail Appel****
Anne & Tony Arrell****
Paul Bernards***
Barbara Black***

In memory of Gerard H. Collins****
Rennie & Bill Humphries****
Ronald Kimel & Vanessa LaPerriere****
Susan Loube & William Acton***
Alan & Gwendoline Pyatt*
Jack Whiteside***
Anonymous ( 2 )

BRONZE $12,500 - $24,999
Keith Ambachtsheer & Virginia Atkin****
Ms Nora Aufreiter**

Lisa Balfour Bowen & the late Walter M. Bowen****
Mr. Philip J. Boswell****
Marcia Lewis Brown**
Helen Burstyn & Family
Dr. John Chiu in memory of Yvonne Chiu, C.M.****
The Max Clarkson Family Foundation****
Ms Sarah Cohen
J. Rob Collins & Janet Cottrelle****
Marilyn Cook**
David & Kristin Ferguson****
Lloyd & Gladys Fogler****
Four Seasons Hotels & Resorts***
Robert Fung**
Dr. Eudice Goldberg**
John & Judith Grant***
The Hon. William C. Graham & Mrs. Catherine Graham****

John & Judith Grant***
Ethel Harris & the late Milton Harris****
William & Nona Heaslip Foundation****
Douglas E. Hodgson****
Michael & Linda Hutcheon****
Bernhard & Hannelore Kaeser****
Valarie Koziol**
Justin S. Linden**
Jeff Lloyd & Barbara Henders***
Jerry & Joan Lozinski****
Ms Anne Maggisano*
Hon. Margaret Norrie McCain****             
John McVicker & B. W. Thomas****
Varqa Mirzaagha
Jonathan Morgan***
Sue Mortimer in memory of Clive Bennett Mortimer****
Susanne Boyce & Brendan Mullen****
Ms Bernadette Murphy
Riki Turofsky & Charles Petersen***
Frances & Tim Price****
Annie & Ian Sale**
Colleen Sexsmith****
Jean Davidson & Paul Spafford****
Françoise Sutton****
Wendy J. Thompson****
Ms Kristine Vikmanis & Mr. Denton Creighton****
Halina & Kurt von dem Hagen***
David Roffey & Karen Walsh***
Anonymous ( 1 )

TRUSTEE $7,500 - $12,499
Margaret Atwood****
Dr. Frank Bartoszek & Mr. Daniel O'Brien****
Dr. David & Constance Briant****
Dr. Jane Brissenden & Dr. Janet Roscoe****
Sharon & Howard Campbell***
Cesaroni Management Limited****
Jennie Ciccolini and the late Frank Ciccolini Sr.**** Brian Collins & Amanda Demers***
Bud & Leigh Eisenberg****
Peter & Shelagh Godsoe***
Deanna A. Gontard****
Chris Hoffmann & Joan Eakin***
Dr. Joshua Josephson****
Marjorie & Roy Linden****
Amy & John Macfarlane***
Dr. & Mrs. Donald C. McGillivray****
Kathleen McLaughlin & Tim Costigan***
John & Esther McNeil****
Dr. Judith A. Miller****
Bruce & Vladka Mitchell**
Eileen Patricia Newell****
Otto & Marie Pick Charitable Foundation
Rob & Penny Richards****
Dr. David Shaw***
David & Hilary Short****
Hume Smith****
Mr. Philip Somerville**
Carol Swallow****
Vernon G. Turner****
Mr. José A. Vizquerra-Benavides & Ms Jessica Schwarz
Virginia Wesson***
Mr. Brian Wilks**
The Youssef-Warren Foundation****
Helen Ziegler***
Anonymous (1)

PATRON $3,750 - $7,499
Dr. & Mrs. Hans G. Abromeit****
Sue Armstrong****
Philip Arthur & Mary Wilson***
Ron Atkinson & Bruce Blandford****
Janice A. Baker****
Mr. & Mrs. Eric Belli-Bivar****
Dody Bienenstock**
Tom Bogart & Kathy Tamaki***
Ms. Donna Brock****
Alice Burton****
Margaret Harriett Cameron****
John D. Church*
The Rt. Hon. Adrienne Clarkson**
Josyane Cohen****
Tony Comper***
Mary and Bill Corcoran****
Bram & Beth Costin
Greg Cumming & Bianca Marcus****
Carrol Anne Curry****
Carol Derk & David Giles***
Jeffrey Douglas
Dr. & Mrs. Dean G. Dover****
Vreni & Marc Ducommun****
Mrs. Anne W. Dupré
Joseph Fantl & Moira Bartram***
Darren Farwell
Ms Lindsay Dale-Harris & Mr. Rupert Field-Marsham****
William & Rosemary Fillmore****
Susan Gerhard***
Miss Ann J. Gibson****
Ricardo Gomez-Insausti**
Mr. Jeff Axelrod & Dr. John Goodhew*
David Gordon & Beth Greenblatt**
Michael & Anne Gough****
Dr. Noëlle Grace & The Shohet Family****
Ronald & Birgitte Granofsky****
Douglas & Ruth Grant**
Ms Carol Gray
Mrs. Pamela Hallisey
Mr. James Hamilton**
Beverly Hargraft***
Mr. Harquail & Dr. Sigfridsson**
Hon. & Mrs. Paul Hellyer****
Dianne W. Henderson
Mr. David J. Hiebert & Dr. Paul E. Cooper
Michiel Horn & Cornelia Schuh****
Ken Hugessen & Jennifer Connolly***
The Patrick & Barbara Keenan Foundation****
Dr. Elizabeth Kocmur****
Paul Lee & Jill Maynard****
Mr. J. Levitt & Ms E. Mah***
Mai Why & Peter Levitt****
Leanne & George Lewis
Ivy & Huston Loke
James MacDougall, MD****
Tom MacMillan****
Mrs. J. L. Malcolm***
Paul & Jean McGrath****
Ronan McGrath & Sarah Perry**
June McLean****
Don McQueen & Trina McQueen O.C.***
Mr. Ian McWalter**
Eva Innes & David Medhurst**
Mr. Ulrich Menzefricke****
Polk Family Charitable Fund**
Dr. M. L. Myers****
Matt Mysak***
Dr. Shirley C. Neuman***
Dr. Emilie Newell***
Simon Nyilassy**
Janice Oliver****
Dr. & Mrs. William M. Park****
John & Gwen Pattison***
Dr. Roger D. Pearce****
John & Carol Peterson****
June C. Pinkney****
Mary Jean & Frank Potter****
Margaret A. Riggin**
David A. Ruston****
Ms Sharon Cookie Sandler****
Sam & Esther Sarick****
Helen & John Scott***
June Shaw & the late Dr. Ralph Shaw****
Dr. John Stanley & Dr. Helmut Reichenbächer****
Wayne Stanley & Marina Pretorius**
David Stanley-Porter and Colin Mailer****
Doreen L. Stanton****
James H. Stonehouse***
Janet Stubbs†***
Ronald & Lee Till****
Elizabeth Tory****
Ian Turner***
Sandra & Guy Upjohn***
Edmond & Sylvia Vanhaverbeke****
Hugh & Colleen Washington***
Frank Whittaker***
Mai Why & Peter Levitt****
Morden Yolles****
Susan Zorzi***
Anonymous ( 6 )

MEMBER $2,250 - $3,749
D. C. Adamson-Brdar****
Joan H. Addison
Dr. & Mrs. Larry M. Agranove****
Mr. & Mrs. Roberto & Nancy Albis****
Mr. Brad Alexander
Ms. Christine Allan & Mr. Greg Baylin
Mr. Thomas & Mrs. Claire Allen****
Clive & Barbara Allen****
Dr. D. Amato & Ms J. Hodges****
Louis Amato-Gauci & David Hopley
Stephanie, Kate & Anne-Marie H. Applin****
Gail Asper, O.C., O.M., LL.D. & Michael Paterson
John Bailey***
Marilyn & Charles Baillie****
Andrew & Cornelia Baines****
Mr. Clair Balfour and Ms. Marci McDonald
Richard J. Balfour****
Ms Linda Banks
Karen & Bill Barnett**
Dr. Thomas H. Beechy****
Mr. N. Beilstein & Mr. A. Lee
Ms Marie Bérard†****
Nani & Austin Beutel****
John & Mandy Birch**
Douglas Birkenshaw and Ginger Sorbara
Ms Tricia Black**
Anneliese and Walter Blackwell****
Ian & Janet Blue****
Howard & Caroline Booth
Mr. Christopher Bozek*
Mrs. Carolyn Bradley-Hall & Mr. William Bradley****
Mrs. Richard Bradshaw****
Thomas J. Burton***
Maureen Callahan & Douglas Gray***
Iivi Campbell****
Ken & Denise Cargill**
Brian & Ellen Carr****
Wendy M. Cecil****
Prof. Alfred L. Chan & Mr. Michael Farewell****
Dr. & Mrs. Albert Cheskes****
Dr. Howard M. Clarke****
Stephen Clarke & Elizabeth Black***
Ms Hope Elizabeth Anna Clement
Ms Jacqueline Code**
Edward Cole & Adrienne Hood****
Alex Coman
Fred & Anne Conlin
Katherine Robb Corlett****
Lindy Cowan & Chris Hatley****
Gay & Derek Cowbourne***
Mary & John Crocker****
Ruth & John Crow****
Mary Beth Currie & Jeff Rintoul
Mr. & Mrs. Leslie Dan****
Mr. Stuart Davidson*
Brian J. Dawson****
Jayne & Ted Dawson****
Mr. & Mrs. A. J. Diamond**
Mrs. Shirley Diamond & Family****
J. DiGiovanni***
Mr. Steven D. Donohoe****
Mrs. Sharon Dowdal
Dr. James & Mrs. Ellen Downey***
Ms Jill Presser & Mr. John Duffy**
Marko Duic & Gabriel Lau****
Mr. Albert D. Dunn**
William & Gwenda Echard****
Jean Patterson Edwards***
Wendy & Elliott Eisen****
Jordan Elliott & Lynne Griffin*
Dr. Frederick D. Erbiceanu, DDS
George A. Farkass***
Catherine Fauquier****     
Bill Fearn & Claudia Rogers****
Lee & Shannon Ferrier****
Goshka Folda*
J. E. Fordyce****
Robert & Julia Foster***
R. Dalton Fowler****
Rev. Ivars Gaide & Rev. Dr. Anita Gaide****
Mr. W. Bowen & Ms S. Gavinchuk****
Georgia & Stephen Gerring***
Diane McArthur
Aviva & Andrew Goldenberg***
Dr. Fay Goldstep & Dr. George Freedman***
Tina & Michael Gooding****
Wayne A. Gooding†****
David & Wendy Gordon***
Ms Patricia Graham & Mr. Terry Kirby
Bryan Grant
John Groves & Vera Del Vecchio****
Ellen & Simon Gulden****
Joyce Gutmann****
Dr. Albert J. Haddad & Mr. Rodney Rousseau
Dan Hagler & Family****
George & Irene Hamilton****
Roy & Gail Harrison****
Paul & Natalie Hartman**
Jacques & Elizabeth Helbronner****
William E. Hewitt****
Mr. & Mrs. Nigel Hodges****
Sally Holton****
Mr. Roland Hoy***
Mr. James Hunt
Peter & Hélène Hunt****
Graeme & Susan Hunter
Chris Hutchinson† & David Kerwood
Mr. Sumant Inamdar***
Dr. Melvyn L. Iscove****
Elliott Jacobson & Judy Malkin***
Laurence Jewell***
The Norman & Margaret Jewison Charitable Foundation****
Asma Jinnah
Ms Elizabeth Johnson***
Dr. Albert & Bette Johnston***
Michael Joseph & Mary Bassey
Lorraine Kaake****
Ann Garnett (Kadrnka)***
Miriam Kagan*
H. L. Katarynych****
Inta Kierans****
James & Diane King***
Ellen & Hermann Kircher****
Tesari Charitable Foundation**
Robert W. Korthals & Janet Charlton**
Macro Properties Ltd.***
Elizabeth & Goulding Lambert****
Mr. Philip Lanouette***
M. J. Horsfall Large***
John B. Lawson, C.M. Q.C.****
Mr. Duncan & Mrs. Sondra Lear
Neal & Dominique Lee***
Alexander & Anna Leggatt****
Martin & Raja Leistner
John & Michele Lewis*
L. Liivamagi & Dr. D. N. Cash**
Janet & Sid Lindsay****
Anthony Lisanti****
Dr. Vance Logan****
Jonathan & Dorothea Lovat Dickson***
Dr. Jan Lusis****
Mr. Jed MacKay****
Dr. & Mrs. Richard Mackenzie****
R. Manke****
Dr. & Mrs. M. A. Manuel***                                                     
Mr. & Mrs. R. Gordon Marantz****
Roberto Mauro† & Erin Wall†
McDorman Family****
Donald R. McLean & Diane Martello**
Georgina McLennan****
M. E. McLeod****
Ms Janice & Mr. Peter McRae
Shawn McReynolds & Elaine Kierans**
Dr. Don Melady & Mr. Rowley Mossop****
Pauline Menkes
Eileen Mercier****
Mr. Seth & Ms Theresa Mersky
Dr. Alan C. Middleton****
Ms Elizabeth Paton Miller**
Patricia & Frank Mills***
Dr. & Mrs. Steven Millward***
Dr. Judy Miner
Audrey & David Mirvish****
Dr. David N. Mitchell & Dr. Susan M. Till****
Mr. Robert Morassutti****
Alice Janet Morgan****
Ms Rosalind Morrow***
Gael Mourant & Caroline Hubberstey**
Mr. Noel Mowat**
Professor David J. Murray****
David & Mary Neelands***
Dr. Steven Nitzkin****
Sally-Ann Noznesky****
Dr. James & Mrs. Valda Oestreicher****
Emile Oliana & Alvin Iu****
Martin & Myrna Ossip**
Eileen & Ralph Overend**
Julia & Liza Overs****
Clarence & Mary Pace****
Dr. & Mrs. N. Pairaudeau****
Douglas L. Parker****
Barbara & Peter Pauly***
Dr. A. Angus Peller**
Linda Lee & Michael Pharoah****
Ms Victoria Pinnington****
Mr. & Mrs. Domenic Porporo***
Georgia Prassas****
Ms Marlene F. Preiss***
Dr. Mark Quigley & Elaine Conn****
Dr. Linda Rabeneck & Dr. Catherine Campbell
Margrit & Tony Rahilly****
Stephen Ralls & Bruce Ubukata****
Christoph Emmrich & Srilata Raman
Carol & Morton Rapp****
Juta Reed***
Gabrielle & Greg Richards****
Carolyn Ricketts****
Janet Rieksts-Alderman
Ms Nada Ristich**
Emily & Fred Rizner***
Clara Robert**
In Memory of John & Norma Rogers
Dr. Michael & Mary Romeo****
Mr. Tom Rothfels**
Rainer & Sharyn Rothfuss****
Dr. Amy Kaiser & Ken Rotman
Silke Rudelbach
Mr. Michael Samborsky****
Mary Schulz**
Carol Seifert & Bruno Tesan***
Robert & Geraldine Sharpe****
Dr. Bernie & Mrs. Bobbie Silverman***
Rod & Christina Simpson
Ms Joan Sinclair****
Carol Slatt**
Jay Smith & Laura Rapp**
Stephen & Jane Smith****
David Smukler & Patricia Kern***
Dr. Harley Smyth & Carolyn McIntire Smyth***
Dr. Joseph So****
Ms C. Soles
Dr. John C. Spears****
Martha E. Spears****
F.E.A. Specht****
Ms Gillian Stacey
Oksana R. Stein****
Martin Stone
Mr Philip Street & Ms Vanessa Grant
Dr. David Surplis
Dr. William Siegel & Margaret Swaine***
Anna Talenti****
Eric Tang & Dr. James Miller***
Elizabeth Tory****
Mr. Alex Tosheff**
Dr. Yvonne Verbeeten****
Susan Vorner Kirby & Graeme Kirby
Dr. Helen Vosu & Donald Milner****
Elizabeth Walker****
Donald & Margaret Walter****
Ted & Erica Warkentin
Melanie Whitehead***
Mr. Peter Wijnbergen*
Elizabeth Wilson & Ian Montagnes****
Robert Elliott & Paul Wilson***
John Wright & Chung-Wai Chow***
Ms June Yee***
Erik Yeo
Linda Young**
Carole & Bernie Zucker***
Anonymous ( 13 )



SUSTAINING FRIEND $1,750 - $2,249

Ms Pamela Alexander
Michael & Janet Barnard***
Michael Benedict & Martha Lowrie****
Mr. Michael Disney**
Mr. Carmen & Mrs. Vittoria Guglietti***
Mr. Kazik Jedrzejczak****
Dr. Albert & Bette Johnston***
Paul & Marcia Kavanagh
Mr. Tom Le Seelleur****
Ms Patricia Monger
In memory of Emily V. Rankin****
Ms Elisabeth Scarff****
Marlene Pollock Sheff***
Mr. & Mrs. David G. Trent****

ASSOCIATE FRIEND $1,150 - $1,749

Ellen & Murray Blankstein*
James E. Brown***
Murray & Judy Bryant****
R Burkholder**
Philip J. Conlon & Tina Conlon***
Peter Corley
Sylvain Crozon*
Mr. Darren Day****
Howard & Kathrine Eckler****
Hugh Furneaux****
Les & Marion Green****
Ms Cathryn Gregor****
Ms Alison Harvison Young & Mr. Herman J. Wilton-Siegel***
Richard & Susan Horner****
James Hughes***
Dr. Ingrid Jarvis**
Mr. Alfred Kelley
Mr. & Mrs. I. P. & O. M. Komarnicky****
Alan & Marti Latta****
Andrew and Harriet Lyons
P. Anne Mackay****

Susan McCawley***
Mary McClymont****
Ingrid & Daniel Mida*
Paul and Lynne Milnes*
Mr. Carl Morey****
Ms Rosalind Morrow***
Sean O'Neill & Victoria Cowling****
Mervyn Pickering
Dr. Wadermar A. Pieczonka****
Robert Radke
Dr. Peter Ray****
Dr. Shelley Rechner****
In memory of Diane Rosenthal***
Mr. Anthony Rubin****
Samuel and Fran Sheusi***
Ms Maggie Siggins**
The Sorbara Group of Companies****
John Spears and Elisabeth Marsden****
Dr. & Dr. W. K. Stavraky****
Carole Stelmack****
Ms Peg Thoen***
Anonymous ( 6 )

Sean Adams
Sam & Jessie Albanese
Carol & Ernest Albright****
Albert and Nancy Alexanian
Leila Appleford****
Dr. I. L. Babb Fund at the Toronto Community Foundation****
Alyson Barnett Cowan***
Peter & Leslie Barton****
Mr. Thomas & Mrs. Kari Beese
Mr. Joseph & Mrs. Rosa Berkowitz****
Anthony Bird****
Gabrielle and Karina Bray
Hedy Burton
Dr. Barbara Caffery & Dr. Art Caspary
Mr. William Callahan****
Mr. Bill Cameron***
Dr. Wendy C. Chan**
Harold Chmara and Danny Hoy****
Maurice J. Clement****
Robert D. Cook***
William Cowan & Elodie Fourquet***
Ms Deanna Cyr****
Mr. Stephen F. Dineley & Ms Penelope Rose****
Lynne D DiStefano
Drs. S. Done & S. Mace****
Peter & Anne Dotsikas***
Mr. Ossama El Naggar*
Ms Eleanor L. Ellins****
Ms Rosario Flores**
Jennifer & Frank Flower****
Judy & David Galloway
Mr. Robert Gatfield**
Mr. M. Gerwin & Mrs. J. Rutledge***
Alison Girling & Paul Schabas***
Ted Goldenberg*
Ms Julianna A. Greenspan
Colin Gruchy****
Dr. & Mrs. Voldemars Gulens****
Dr. & Mrs. Brian & Cynthia Hands****
Lawrence & Beatrice Herman****
Helen & Richard Holtby****
Mr. Josef Hrdina***
Dr. Ivan & Mrs. Diana Hronsky****
In loving memory of Joyce Whitney Hughes*
Donald Hughes****
Margaret and Chris Ibey****
Mr. Adrian Ishak
Dr. Peter Jacyk & Dr. Lesia Babiak**
Heidi & Khalid Khokhar****
Lilian Kilianski† & Brian Pritchard**
Dr. & Mrs. L. A. Kitchell****
Ms Anne Marie Klingbiel**
Dr. Milos Krajny****
Mr. James R. Lake****
Harry Lane****
Earl B. Law****
Giles le Riche & Rosemary Polczer****
Claus & Heather Lenk***
Thomas and Madeline Lennon***
Yakov Lerner†**
Ms Susan Lowe
Mary P. MacLean****
Mr. Michael Malott****
Tim & Jane Marlatt****
Gerda Marz
Mr. Alec McGillivray**
Yvonne McGregor
Jil McIntosh***
Dr. Hugh McLean**
Sylvia M. McPhee****
Janina Milisiewicz****
Mrs. Mathilde Mittermair**
James & Mary Morgan**
Ms H. M. Murata***
Mr. Raymond Murphy and Ms Glerry Vanderkuyp
Blake Murray & Nancy Riley****
Roald Nasgaard and Lori Walters**
Karen Olinyk†**
Ms Marianne Orr*
Dr. Norbert Perera****
Ms Adrianne Pieczonka
Mr. James Posluns*
Ed & Beth Price****
Ms Cecille Ratney****
Ms Virginia Robeson***
Gordon Robison & David Grant**
Ms Joan Rosenfield***
Dr. Anabel M. Scaranelo
Toby Schertzer
Valerie Schweritzer & Chris Reed****
Ms Maureen Shewchuk & Ms Valerie Gow*
Kevin and Sabine Smart
Mr. Alexander J. Smith
Mrs. Pamela A. Smith
Paul and Dorothy Stanwood**
Olga Streltchenko and Joel Sachs
Mr. Andrew Sullivan
Alan & Joan Sundeen
Michelle Tan***
Terry Tator****
Dr. & Mrs. Karel Terbrugge**
Ms Laura Trachuk & Mr. Martin Katz*
Dr. Nancy F. Vogan****
Mr. Wayne Vogan†****
George Vona & Lark Popov***
Dr. Peter Voore****
Robert Wakefield & Louis Charpentier
Mr. John M. Welch****
Mr. Murray Weppler
Ms Stephanie Whittick and Mr. Angelo Tauro
Mark & Marlene Wilson****
Ms Kathleen Woodard and Mr. Douglas Stewart
In Memory of Victoria Woods**
Anonymous ( 7 )

FELLOW FRIEND $500 - $749

Mr. Blaine Allan**
Blaine Allan**
Ms Susan Al-Obeidy
Gerda Andersen***
Mrs. Lynn Bayer***
Michael Beswick***
Jean-Paul Bevilacqua
Mr. John M. Bishop***
Mrs. Beulah and Mr. Terry Blain
Cheryl and David Blinick
Andrew C. Bome***
John & Ila Bossons
Rev. John H. Brown****
Ms Judith Burrows***
Dr. David Caspari***
Mr. Victor Manuel Caxaj***
Mr. Amar Choksi
Vivian & Lynda Ciaschini**
George Clark***
Mr. Andrew Combes*
Linda & Brian Corman****
Theresa Courneyea****
Mr. Barrie Curtis**
Ms Carmen Dan-Dobre
Ms Yvette Debiasi
Mr. Joshua Dey**
In honour of Didicerint Inc.
Mrs. Sandra Donin****
Prof. Paul Dunn
Dr. & Mrs. J. & E. Endrenyi****
Russell Finch
Helena and David Fine****
Alexandra Fokine**
Ms Annick Freed****
Murray & Sheila Goldman***
John R. Good****
Laurent Goulet***
Mr. Neil Graham and Ms Jeanie Nishimura***
Arthur J. Granatstein***
Ms Christine Grant****
Donald D. Grant**
Mr. & Mrs. C. Gregorasz**
H. Donald Gutteridge & M. Anne Millar****

Dr. Ann Guzowski
Mr. William A. Hammond
Dr. Christina E. Heidinger-Krebs
Ms Jane & Mr. Edward Heinemann
Barny and Susan Henderson****
Prof. Michael Herren and Prof. Shirley Ann Brown***
Mr. Mark Heule**
Mr. David E. Hileman****
Dr. Gail Hirano
Ms Carol Huang
Mr. Pierre Hurtubise****
Alex Ihnatowycz
Ms E. Elizabeth Ireton**
Richard Isaac****
Heather Jackson
Mr. Jeffrey Jansen
Connelly Medicine Professional
May & Fred Karp***
Alanne & David Kee***
Ms Maggie Keith****
K. L. Kellett*

Mr. Arthur A. Kennedy*
Mr. David J. Kennedy***
Gary Klein****
Kathryn Knight
R.Jo Kornegay****

Mr. George and Mrs. Dorothea Kostecki
Michael Krashinsky****
Natalie Kuzmich****
Mr. Thierry Lacaze
Rae Lake***
Ms Karen Lapointe***
Dr. Rolland Leader & Ms Loris Aro****
Ms Mary Lee
Jill L. Levenson****
Frank & Gloria Leverett**
Ms Laurie Liptay Morar
Dr. Francois Loubert**
Ms Caroline Luce
Mr. Martin Maclachlan*
Karen & Craig***
Pauline & Dipak Mazumdar Fund at the Toronto Community Foundation****
Darcy & Joyce McKeough**
Dr. Sarah M. McKinnon***
Frank & Anne Moir****
Ms Sharon Morgan****
Dr. Mary A. Mountain**
Mr. Thomas F. Murphy
Eve Nash****
Ms Helma Neil***
Dr. Bo Ngan**
Ms Maureen E. Nicholson****
Liviu Constantin Nicolescu
Stuart & Dina Nord
Mr. & Mrs. David Nowell***
Simon Nyilassy**
Jean O'Grady***
Mr. Ashkan Omidi
Carla M. Pahulje****
Mr. David & Mrs. Bernadette Palmer
Ms Jean Patton**
Christian Perry***
Ms Huong Pham
Andrew Pruss***
Reid-Wright Foundation****
Dr. James C. Rice
Ms Christine & Mr. Stephen Richards
Mr. Stephen Risk
Mr. David Robison
Mr. Anthony Roper
Mr. Paul Rosenbaum
Ms June Ryan**
Wendy Sanford**
Bruce & Marilyn Schneider
Mary Seldon & Family****
Ricki & Hart Sernick**
Anci Shafran****
Ms Alison Smith
Mr. Andrzej Sobiesiak
Phil Spencer****
K. V. Srinivasan & Gerald Conway*

Mrs. Harriet H. Stairs****
M. F. Stewart***

Dr. Larry Stonesifer & Mr. Ronald Angress
Paul & Maria Szasz****
David G. Thomas*
Mr. & Mrs. Christopher Thompson
Dr. M. L. Thurling
Ann Tottenham
Mr. & Mrs. Michael Tukatsch***
Chris & Anne Twigge-Molecey*
Mrs. Corina Vana and Mr. Thomas Budd
Dr. Sarah Vanderburgh and Mr. Bill Vanderburgh
Dr. Enrico Vicentini**
Peter Wall and Anne Harvey**
Drs. S. D. Walter & L. D. Marrett****
Sharon Watanabe
Ms Denise Weir
Ray Whitehead***
D. John Whiting***

Debra Yeo Boland****
Anonymous ( 29 )


Alfonso & Katerina Arias
Mr. Brian Anderson****
Alfonso & Katerina Arias
Ildiko Battista
Mrs. Maria Benedek****
Ms Jocelyn Bennett**
Mrs. Patricia Berkovic****
Michael Bernstein & Nandini Dasgupta***
Mrs. Janet Blakely-Bowe****
Mrs. Louisa Bloomfield**
Ms Wilma Boughtflower***
Ms Suellen Boyd****
Mr. Timothy L. Boyd-Wilson
Ms Renee Bozowsky
Mr. Tiler A. Bradshaw
Brian Bucknall & Mary Jane Mossman****
Christopher & Elizabeth Buller
Mr. John Burge
Mr. David Callaghan***
Christopher L. Cantlon***
Mrs. Ann Christie****
Dr. Yu Yuen Chua****
Michael & Josephine Cole****
Mr. Andrew Colombo****
Mr. Samuel Cioran****
Dr. Lesley S. Corrin****
Louise Coxall****
Mikael Dam**
Mr. Jean-Luc Davian
Kathleen Davis****
Ms Ann De Brouwer**
Mrs. Diana Dickson
Ms Marija Djokic*
Mr. Neil H. Dobbs
Mr. Colin Duncan & Ms Ruth Sandwell
Judy Durie***
Richard Earls****
Mr. & Mrs. John Edgar
Dr. and Mrs. Darryl Edwards
Mr. Michael Elliott**
Veronica Ellis**
Dr. Sheila Embleton**
Mr. Kirk Falconer****
Martin & Judith Friedland***
Dr. Joseph & Mrs. Gloria Gilbert***
Mr. Alireza Golbabai
Mr. Robert Goldstein
Mr. Alfred Gregg
Mr. Charles Greiner*
Ms Olga Grigorovskaya***
Mrs. & Mr. Frances & William Gruber**
Mrs. Diane Haag****
Ms Carolyn Hague***
Mr. Fadi Hamoui
Mr. John C. S. Hansen
Ian & Cathie Henderson**
Mr. Douglas Hill
Vivian Snow Hill*
Barbara Hinds****
Harry & Carol Hodson***
Mr. Michael Holmes
Mr. and Mrs. John Howell***
Mr. Anthony Hyde & Family
Ms Linda Ionson***
Mrs. Sylvia Jones
Mr. Ian Juby***
Mrs. Gerda Kaegi***
Mr. David H. Kaye & Dr. B. Lynne Milgram***
C. Ann King****Carolyn Kinsley****
Dr. Bill Kivlichan****
C. & M. Klein****

Mr. Eric Koeck*
Kathryn Kossow****
Mr. & Mrs. Ihor Kuryliw**
David & Antje Laidler****
Catherine B. Lazier****
Dr. Charlotte A. Leonard****
Ms Roslyn Levine***
Mr. Stephen Lewis
George and Susan Lindsay
Ms Barbara Lloyd**
Mr. Georges Andre Louis
Mathieu D. Maslard***
Mic Mayr**
Mrs. Armandina Maziarczyk****
Timothy & Barbara McCabe**
Ms Marilyn McCowan*
Dennis & Caryl McManus*
Ms Shelagh McPherson**
Ms Samantha McWilliams
Mrs. Maria Mesaros
Mr. Thomas Mezei****
Mr. Stanley Middlestadt & Ms Lorna Rosenstein****
Mr. Audric Montuno
Dr. Aideen Moore-Kirby & Mr. John Kirby***
Leslie Taylor Muccino**
Mr. Horst Mueller
Peter B. Munsche****
Paul N. Murphy***
Ms Katherine Murray
Nancy & Larry Murray****
Martin & Sylvia Nathanson****
Dr. A. Wilhelm Neumann**
Mr. Russell Nie
Dr. Thomas & Mrs. Anna O'Brien***
In Honour of the Olazabal Family
Ms Elizabeth Oliver**
Bill and Mary Jane Osborne**
Mr. Michael R Overbury****
Mr. Andre Paradis**
Jeff & Ulrike Paukner-Healey
Ms Mary Pember**
Stephen Phillips***
Mr. Ron Piett**
Mr. Archie Platt
Val & Anita Rachlis****
Patricia Rae****
Ms Ceta Ramkhalawansingh***
Mr. Ted Reinhard***
Susan E. Richardson****
Mr. Jeffrey Richstone
Mr. Jason Roberts****
Ms Anne Robson****
Mrs. Eleanor Rogers****
Dr. Asaph Rolnitsky M.D.
Mr. Ian Rosmarin**
Vera and Dmitri Rubisov***
Silke Rudelbach
Kenneth Russell****
Ann Savege*
Mr. Rick Scarpone
Dr. Adrianne Schmitt****
Mr. & Mrs. Schulz****
Raymond Brassard
Ms Denise Semple**
Mr. David Shaw
Gary Shiff****
Saul Ship****
Ms Rhonda Shirreff
David & Gene Anne Smith
John & Ann Smith***
Shirley Spalding****
Drs. Ann & J. David Spence****
Mrs. Lorraine & Mr. Domenic Spina
Mrs. Margaret Sprague****
Janice Stein
Janet Stewart****
Mr. Jeffrey L. Stokes***
Helga Strasser**
Dr. William Sulis**
Dr. M. V. Tait**
Maureen Simpson & Almos Tassonyi***
Dr. Edward Thompson****
Mr. Peter Tovell
In memory of Frank A.M. Tremayne, Q.C.**
Sheryl Smolkin & Joel Troster****
Mr. Julian Varaschin
Steven Vieira & Mark Osbaldeston
Hin Tan & Carlo Vigna***
Ms Andrea Walker
Mr. Duane Waltenbery
Mr. Oren I. Watson
In memory of Gregory Williams****
Gregory Wilson
Judith & Boris Wintonyk
Dr. Maria Zorzitto***
Anonymous ( 31 )

BEST FRIEND $225 - $349

Mr. Pierre Allard
Mr. Kenneth C. & Mrs. Carol A. Anderson
Ms Susan Anderson**
Ms Ann Andrusyszyn***
Rick Archbold & Rick Feldman****
Mr. Robert W. Archibald
Mr. & Mrs. John Ault****
Ms Lezlie Bain
Mr. Eric Barber
Joicy Bayda**
Dr. & Mrs. Henry Becker****
Mr. John Bedford
Marianne Belau
Mr. Roderick Bell
Mr. David and Ms Lynn Bennett*
Dr. Aaron Bernstein
Mrs. Jane Best***
Jonathan & Deborah Black
Mr. Carl Blanchaer and Ms Brenda Millar
Joan M. Boggs****
Mr. Kalman & Mrs. Maria Bohus
Susan Bookbinder**
Mr. John Bosco and Mrs. Helen Downie-Bosco
Ms Shawn Boutilier
Mr. Jason Boyd
Dr. Martin R. Boyne
Mr. Chett Bradley**
Ms Maria Braico
Ms Pina Brannigan
Freda and Allan Brender
Mr. Hugh Brewster****
M L Brock
Marilyn & Peter Broughton**
Ms Eleanor Brown****
Jeanette Browne****
Bill & Marjorie Buhlman****
Richard Bull***
Ms Gail N. Burton**
Ms Kathleen Bustard
Mr. Ted Byers
Ms Kathleen Cairns
Regan Cairns
Mr. James Callaghan**
Mr. Jay S. Campbell****
Mr. Neil Campbell****
Scott Campbell
Janet Marie Candido*
Dr. Patricia Cavanagh***
Mrs. Sandra Celovsky
Mr. Ray Chesterfield
James T. Chestnutt****
Mr. Michael Chilton
Mrs. Yamini Choksi
Mr. Andrew Chong
Dr. Eva Chow****
Mr. Gordon & Mrs. Cynthia Chu
Judy Chui
Vince Ciavaglia
Dr. Caryl Clark**
Mrs. Dianne Clipsham***
Dr. Lorraine Code
Ms Claire Coiré
The Honourable J. A. Tory Colvin
Mr. & Mrs. John P. Conforzi****
Ms Angela Costanzo
Ms Judy Costello
Ms. Helen Coxon*
Mrs. Heather Craigie
Mr. Fernando A. Cuenca*
Lisa L. Cunningham*
Maureen Curran****
Myron Cybulsky and Marika Hohol***
Maria Davidson
Ms Toni Davidson**
Mrs. Joyce Davies****
Simon and Caroline Davis
Alice Dearden
Mr Barry & Mrs Lois Dent****
Jacquie & Paul
Ms Jeanette Dodson
Mr. Doug Donnait***
Mr. Brian Donnelly***
Mr. Mark Downing
Ms Else Droege***
Mrs. Ramona D'Souza
Ms Caroline Duncan***
D. Dundas****

Joan & John Dunn****
Mr. John R. Durrant
Eldon Earle
Barry & Barbara Edwards****
Mr. John Duncan Edwards
Mr. Carl Ehrlich**
Ms Ileana Elias
Mr. George Elliott**
Natalia E.
Mr. & Mrs. D. Erskine****
Mr. Lorne Farr
Luke Fillion
Dr. Brian P. Findlay***
Jourdaine Finlay****
Marg Fisher****
Dr. David Forster**
Alice Fox****
Dr. A. M. Frackowiak****
A. Frey****

Ms Judith A. Fullerton
Ms Barbara Funnell****
Bill Gardner**
Mr. Michael L. & Mrs. Bryana Garmaise
David Gates**
Mr. David & Mrs. Joan Gauthier
Ms Micheline L. Gendron
Ms Sherry Gerstl
Ms Lida Gic
Dr. Margarita Gitev
Marianne & Gerald Glinski
Mrs. Alma Gojmerac*
Mrs. Geraldine Gold****
Ms Louise Goldberg
Ronit & Eran Goldenberg**
Lisa & Harvey Golombek in memory of Hilda & Isie Golombek***
Dr. Paul W. Gooch
Mr. Peter Gorham and Ms Janice Reynolds
Aida Graff***
Mr. John Grange
Mr. George Grant
Mrs. Mary Gratton
M. Elizabeth Greville****

Dr. Benjamin Hadar***
Mac Haig****
Nancy R. Hall***
Mrs. Margaret Hardman****
Mrs. Angela Hawaleshka****
Ms Judith Hayes and Mr. Simon Chamberlain
Prof. Antonette & Dr. Robin Healey***
Mr. Randolph Henry
Marion & David Henshaw****
Ms Laurie Herd
Ms Angela M. Herwin & Mr. Michael Dales***
Dr. David J. Hill
Mr. Joseph Hizel**
Ms Helen Ho
Mrs. Sarah Hoberg
Mr. Jerry A. Hogan****
Barbara & John Horvath****
Ms Maxine Houghton***
Peter Hussell & Katherine Estock*
Ms Alevtina Iakobson
Ms Lauren B. Israel**
Brian & Alison Ivey****
Mr. Richard I. Jacobs****
Grant L. Jahnke*
Ms Merlyn James
Norma Jansson***
Ms Denise Johnson*
Russ & Sylvia Jones****
Alexandra Jonsson
Mr. Alexander Kade*
Mr. A. T. Karvanis
Mr. Steve Keay*
J Kelleher
Mr. Don & Ms Francie Kendal****
J. Linden Best****

Ms Fawzia Khan***
Elizabeth King
Mr. Leonard Luk and Mr. Tom Kirchner
Dr. Stephen J. Kish
Ms Stephanie Kohek
J. Kokis & R. Esposti***

Ms Lynne Koppeser
Adrian Kos & Olga Repryntseva
Richard J. Kostoff***
E. Kraker

Mr. & Mrs. Armin Kratel****
Mr. Dale Kraus
Peter Krochak**
Ms Linda & Mr. Ernst Kroiss
Mrs. Beatrix Krug***
Mr. Bishop & Mrs. Joan Kuflik****
Ms Elfriede Landsmann**
Miss Donna Lasecki****
Ms Jane Laughton**
Mr. Jean Jacques Laurans
Ms Julie Y. Lee****
Keith Leigh*
Mr. Peter Leighton**
Laszlo Lengyel & Suzanna Toth
Edward J. & Myrna Levy****
Gary & Karen Levy***
Mr. Larry Lewis
Roy Lidstone
Dr. Patricia Linders
Heather Locking-Cusolito
Ms Michelle Loder***
Ms Celia Lottridge
Mr. Peter Loughlin
Ms Eileen M. Love
Torry Lowenbach**
Gordon T. Lucas****
Mr. Hubert Lum*
Mary & Kenneth Lund****
Mrs. Sheila Macadam**
Ms Deborah Maccallum
Miss Vera R. Madden****
Ms Shadab Mahi Dashtizad
Ms Geraldina Maini
Ms Jeanne Maitland****
Harry & Ann Malcolmson**
Mr. Wilson Man
Dr. Peter Manson***
Mr. Joseph G. Marshall
Ms Antonieta Marticorena****
Ms Jane Martin*
Grant Maxted**
Edwin J. May****
Ms Alexandra Maynard
Dorie and Graham McDonald
Mr. Danny McErlain**
Mrs. Celine McGraw**
Ms Margaret A. McGreevy & Mr. William Miller****
Dr. Kandice McKee
Dr. Mara McLaren
Mrs. Carol E. McLean***
Mr. Raymond McLenaghan
Mr. Duncan McMonagle
Mr. Mischa Burnside Menuck
Brian Mergelas
Ms Jerri Merritt-Jones**
Ms Marcellina Mian
Dr. Marc Michell****
Nancy Miller****
J. A. Milochik****

John Mogan*
Mr. H. Alec Monro***
Ms Marucia R. Montgomery
Philip & Patricia Morehead
Mr. Frank Morewood
Ms Murina Moriyama****
Ms Ruth Moses
Mrs. Diane Murray-Charrett
Mr. Orest Muz
Mr. Robert Myers
Ms Karma Naike
Mr. John Nation****
Michael Nazar and Kate Callery
In Memory of Michael Simko
Mrs. Margaret Newall
Miss Marguerite R. Nichols****
Mr. Brian & Mrs. Grace Nicholson***
Ms Lorna Novosel***
Ms Ayako Ochi
Mr. Brian & Ms Rebecca O'Connor
Ms G. O'Malley
Mr. and Mrs. Albert Omran
Clifford & Donna Orwin****
Grace Palumbo-Eremita***
Mr. Massimo Pandolfi
Mrs. Maria & Mr. Walter Pape
Mary Parker
Mr. Edward Parkins***
Mr. Graham Parsons
Mr. Michael Partridge*
Mr. Michael Patry***
Christopher Patterson & Rosanna Pietrangeli*
Bruce & Catherine Peer****
E. M. Pellegrini****

Dr. Ago Peters**
Vivian Pilar***
Mr. Derek G. & Ms Daphne Pinder***
Mr. Eric Plato**
Ilze Plaudis****
Mrs. Catherine Price***
Ms Margaret Procter
Dr. Krystyna Prutis-Misterska****
Cecil & Robert Rabinovitch
Elizabeth Racic****
Mr. Konrad Radacz
Dr. Elaine Rakowski***
Alan I. Rands & Nancy Nourse
Mrs. Mary Lou Rashid**
Miranda Reeves
Dr. Sharon E. Reid
Paul Reinhardt & Mary O'Donoghue***
Ms Dorothee Retterath*
Mrs. Ray H. Ring
Jennifer A. Roberts
Mr. Ian Robinson
Ms Marina Romain***
Mrs. Carmela and Mr. Bernie Romano
Ms Mary Angela Rowe
Mr. Michael Ryan***
Ms Grace Saar
Dr. Mitsuko Sada****
Mr. & Mrs. Bruce Salvatore****
Ms Natalie Sandassie†**
Ms Evita Sanders****
Michael & Julia Sax***
Ms Manuela Scarci***
D. Schaefer**

Beverly & Fred Schaeffer****
Nancy A. Schiefer in memory of Walter Schiefer****
Ms Jana Schuelke*
Susan and Rosanna Scotti*
Mr. Axay Sharma
John Sharpe & Toshi Aoyagi****
Mrs. Elizabeth Shields****
Stanley & Edie Shier
Ms Edie Shore
Ms Janet Skelton**
Mr. Jurgen Skoppek
T. A. Smith***

Barry G. & Anu V. Smith**
David L. Smith**
Ms Muriel Smith & Mr. Eric Ojala****
Dr. V. Smula**
Mr. Michael D. Solomon*
Mr. Peter Solomon**
Rodica Sosteagirleanu
Mrs. Jennifer Speiran
Dr. Byron G. Spencer**
Ms Heather Spinks
Ms Helena Sroka*
Julia Stavreff
Ms Lisa Steele & Mr. Kim Tomczak****
Dr. Sarah Steinbach
Mr. David Stephenson***
Diana B. Stephenson****
Mr. Paul B. Stewart**
Mr. Claus Stickler
Mr. Brian Storey***
Mr. Strachan
Rabbi Michael & Celia Stroh****
Mr. Damian Suffoletta*
Mrs. Heather Sullivan
Mr. John Summers
Anne & James Sutherland****
Ms Maryellen Symons***
Ms Eva Szentgyorgyi*
Ms Ann Szyptur***
Professor Ian Thompson
Mr. James Thompson****
Dr. R. Paul Thompson*
John & Michelle Tidball**
Steven Toenjes***
Ms Anne Townsend***
Ms Helena Trabulsi
Mr. Fred W Tranquilli
Peter Treen & Family***
Michael Treuman***
Mr. Marek Tufman*
Mrs. Margaret Jane Turner****
Mr. Nigel Turner
Dr. Irene Turpie***
Ms Irene Van Cauwenberghe**
Mr. Tim VandeGriend
Mr. Edward Vaughan-Neil**
Ms Gail Verge***
I. B. Viksne****

Carol Vine**
Elizenija Vitols**
Mr. Francisco Vivas
Ms Susan Wahlroth
Miss Sharon Walker*
Mrs. Patricia Wallis
Mr. Rudy Wallman & Ms Suzanne David***
Sandra Walsh
Mr. Zenon Waschuk***
Ms Gillian Watts***
Joseph Wearing & Michael Johnson***
Mr. & Mrs. S. Weisman***
Mr. Gabor Weisz**
Victor & Norma Wells****
Mr. & Mrs. John M. Werner****
Alisa Weyman****
Mr. James Whittaker
Victor Widjaja†
Ms Karin Wiens**
Marion & Roland Wilk
Ms Betty Williams***
E. M. Williams*

Mr. Leonard Willschick****
Dr. Inge G. Winslow***
Dr. Krystyna Wojakowski and Dr. Bruce W. Murray****
Dr. Wendy Wolfman**
Ms Araminta Wordsworth
David B. & Virginia Wortman***
Ms Dorothea Yee-Meiler
Mr. Darius Zaccak
Krystyna Zdanowicz**
Ms Anna Ziarko**
Ms Luba Zisser
Mr. Peter Zivontsis
Anonymous ( 80 )

FRIEND $150 - $224 

Mr. Joseph Adelaars
Mr. Donald C. Ainslie and Mr. Doug Deleeuw
Jane Aitken****
Mr. Robert & Mrs. Marion Aitken**
Ms Arwa Al Timimi
Mr. Rob Albritton and Ms Jennifer Welsh
Mrs. Brigita Alks****
Ms Margaret Allen
David & Marjorie Allin****
Ms Silvi Alzetta-Reali
Debbie and Neil Ambar
Nancy and Arthur Ameis Charitable Fund***
Ms Zinta Amolins
Tim Andreeff and Lynda Curnoe***
Mr. Mark Andrews***
Jasleen Singh Arneja
Mr. Nicholas and Mr. Augustine Arrigo
Dr. Frederick Asals****
Ms Brenda Astri Haywood*
C. Atkin-Phillips***
Ms Mary August
M. Auspitz****

K. R. I. Bailey***
Eileen & John Baird****
Lousie Baldacchino**
Mr. Adrian Bannister & Ms Anne Christine Timms
Jeff Barlow & Ruben Florez**
Mr. Earl R. Barnsley***
In honour of Dr. Peter Barrett**
Ms Elizabeth Barry****
Ms Jacqueline Bart
Mr. Chris Bartle & Ms Carla Gilders**
Nicole Bartolay
Julia Bass & David Hamilton****
Ms Mary Bastedo*
Samuel Benaroya
Gary Mark Berg*
Livia Beysovec****
Daniel Biaggi
Mr. Franklin & Mrs. Ellen Bialystok
Mr. Michael Bilaniuk***
Dr. Anne Biringer
Ms Vicki Blechta**
Mr. George Blinov
Anna Bloom****
Dr. Simone & Mr. Douglas Bohn
Reina Bendayan****
Susan Boucaud**
Ms Shanna Bourke
Ms Jenny Bradshaw**
Mr. Jack Brannigan
Mr. Michael Bracken
Ms Marta Braun***
Ms Carole Brearley**
Ms Jane Briant*
Mr. Harold Briggs
Mr. John G. Briggs****
Mr. David Brinton*
Josy & Gord Britton
Mary Brock & Brian Iler****
Dr. Mark Broussenko
Lorne Brown****
Mr. Peter Brown
Mr. & Mrs. Schuyler Brown****
Mr. John Browne***
Linda Browning**
Mr. Michael Bruschke
Dr. Rorke B. & Ms Ingrid Bryan****
Miss Maria Buisman**
Mrs. M. P. Burke***
Pierre Bussieres
Ms Svitlana Byelkina
Mrs. Marie Campbell**
Ms Joan Cannings**
Mr. Jeffrey Canto-Thaler
Susan Capling
David & Susan Carter**
Sandra Caruso
Mr. Steve Chan
Ms Debra Chandler
Mr. David Chang****
Ms Jo-Ann Chiam
Louie Chua and Richard Boyum***
Mr. Lucian Ciugudean
Brian Clarke***
Cheryl J. Clarke
Mr. Michael Clarry
Ms Dona Jean Clary***
Mr. Jean-François Clément
Mr. Brian Cluett**
David Cluff
Mr. Steve Cogan
Ms Myrna Cohen Doyle and Ms Sandra Marie Cohen
Susan Cohen***
Ms Amy C. Colson**
L. Matheson**

Nancy H. Conn****
Ms Dorothy Cook
Mr. & Mrs. Peter Cook
Mr. Sean Corner
Mr. Manuel Cortes
Mr. Kevin Costante and Ms Marg Rappolt
Fergus & Anne Craik****
Ms Jean Crawford****
Fred Crome***
Ms Joanne Crone
Mr. Gaspar Csete
Mr. Larry Csonka
James Cullingham and Li Robbins**
Ms Kathryn Cumming
Ms Margaret Cunningham
Mrs. Mary Jane Curry
Mr. & Mrs. Tony & Laura Dableh
Ms Jo Dagulo**
Dr. A .J. Dangelo*
Mr. Michael Davenport**
Ms Marla David
Ms Vesna Davidovac***
James B. Davies****
Ms Arlene Davis**
Ms Joan Davis
Mr. Al & Mrs. Mimi de Castro****
In Honour of Teresa De Luca
Ms Jan L. de Serres**
Maida de Stein
Dr. Bryan M. Dechairo and Ms Alexa Gilbert
Ms Suzanne Depoe*
Serena Dessen*
Mr. Paul & Ms Christina Devries
Steven & Linda Diener**
Ms Judith Dimitriu
Ms Iris Diplock*
Mr. Stephen Doak**
Mr. Alexander Dobrowolski
Mr. and Mr. James E. Dobson
Mr. David W. Dolson
Mrs. Liz Dowdeswell
Robert Drummond****
Janusz Dukszta***
Mr. & Mrs. Klaus Dunker**
Dr. Alicia Dunlop*
David & Ozden Dunlop**
Maureen Dunn**
Mrs. Cora & Mr. Matt Dusk
Sheila Dutton
Sandra & Hans Dworatzek**
Ms Maggie Dwyer
Mr. & Mrs. Myron Dylynsky****
Yvonne Earle***
Ms Elisabeth Ecker**
Ms Jill Edmondson
Ms Martina Eisleb
Ann Elbourne****
Ms Charlotte Elder
Ms Jane Elliott
Dr. Laura El-Maraghi****
Mrs. Veronica Estrada-Flores
Dr. Mary Ann Evans*
Mrs. Susanna Farkas
The Honourable James Farley**
Mr. Ryan Daniel Farrell
Ms Shelley Faulkner****
Jon Fear****
Deborah Fell**
Miss Jessie Ferrier****
Mr. James R Ferry
Ms Helen Finley****
James E. Fisher****
Dr. David Fitchett
Mr. David J. Flaherty
Mr. Nicolas Fok
Mr. John Formanek
Ms Julia Fort
Ms Dorothy Fraser
Mr. Fraser
Mr. Roberts Freimuts***
Myles Frosst
Mrs. Nora Fueten**
Ms Susan J. Fullerton
Mr. David D. Gale***
Peggy Gale***
Marie-Paul Gallop****
Ms Michelle Gardner
Ms Jill Garland**
Helena & David Garlin***
Ms Kimberley Garrett
Mr. Mike Geller*
Mr. Mikhail Gembom
Ms Raluca Gheorghe
Ms Marny Gibson
Mr. Philip Gicante**
Mr. John Gilbert
Ms Nora Gillespie
Dr. Robert W. Gillham*
Ms Angela Goden
Mr. Sydney Goldenberg****
Dr. Fay Goldstep & Dr. George Freedman***
Ms Christine Gooderham**
Ms Kamala-Jean M. Gopie
Natasha Goranskaya**
Mr. Gregg & Ms Joan Gordon
Mr. Robert Gordon
Mr. Ron Gordon
Julai Gorman & Bill Wright
Mr. Vadim Gouterman & Ms Yana Gouterman
Michael & Nancy Graham****
Ms Toby Greenbaum
Ms Barbara Greene
Mr. Stanley Griffin
Mr. Ian Griffith***
Mr. Dale Grishkewich**
Mr. Walter Groene****
Mr. Geminio Grossi**
Marsha Groves & Tom Kelly****
Veena Gupta
Mrs. Zofia Guz-Cwir
Miss Rebecca S. Hagey
Ms Shelley M. Hallett**
Dr. Janice Hambley****
Mr. David Hamilton
Ms Robin Harmer
Ms Judith Harris**
Sharon Harris***
Mr. David & Ms Mary Lou Harrison
Lee Hausmann***
Ms Wendy Hayden**
Mr. Laurence Head
Adele & Claude Heimann****
Ms Kim Heintzman
Mr. Lawrence Henderson
Mr. Sol Hermolin
Ms Catherine Hertel**
Mr. Jeffrey Higgins
Mr. John Higgins****
Ms Barbara Hill****
Ms Lorraine Hill*
Mr. Frank & Mrs. Betty Ho
Philip Hobson****
Ms Stephanie Holbik
Ms Deborah Holdsworth*
Mr. Walter Holmes
Mr. Paul Holyoke
Merlin Homer*
Jack & Magdalene Horman****
Ms Deirdre Howley
Mr. Eric D.K. Hudson
Mr. Dwight S. Huggins
Ms Sylvia Izzo Hunter***
Ms Valerie Hussey
Elaine Iannuzziello
Mrs. Betty Innes****
Clare & Peter Irwin**
Dr. & Mrs. David Jackson
Ms Valerie Jacobs***
Mr. Aaron James
Mr. Andrew James*
Ms Rachel James
Andrew and Pronica Janikowski
Mr. Alvin & Ms Doris Jantzi
Mrs. Barbara Japp**
Mr. Berton John
Mary Johnston
Ms Jennifer Jolley
Gaynor Jones & David Low***
Marg Anne Jones**
Mrs. Anna Marie Kalcevich***
Ms Klari Kalkman**
Mr. John Kalm**
Miss Ann Karner****
Mr. Udo & Mrs. Margrit Kaul
Mr. Behram Kavasji
Gillian Kearney**
Mr. Mike Kelcey and Ms Adrianna Leblanc*
Ms Julia Kelly
Ms Gillian Kent
Mr. Christoph Kessel**
Mr. Phillip Khaiat**
Ms Diane Kilcoyne & Mr. Michael Ehling***
Mrs. Kazie Killius
Ms Belinda Kirkwood
Ms Merle Kisby
Mr. Takao Kishii
Julian Kitchen & Dan Stapleton***
Mr. Vincent Ko***
Ms Margo Koekoek
Ms Lea Koiv**
Horst & Susan Koschmider***
Ms Irina Koshkina
Ms Janice Kostash & Mr. John Hannigan**
Ms Nadia Kostiuk
Mr. Borys & Mrs. Petrusia Kowalsky
Mr. Erich & Ms Carolyn Kralik
Ms Iris A. Krizmanic
Ms Linda Kukk****
Mr. John-James Kunnas
Miss Melinda Kwong
Mr. Tonis Laar***
Mario Lafond
Ms Avery Lafrentz
Larry & Marion Lagowski****
Ms Grace Lake**
Ms Janet Lambregts
Ms Johana Landert-Taylor*
John D. Lane**
Dr. & Mrs. Bernard Langer***
Dr. Maggie & Dr. Mark Larché*
Mr. Paul LaRose
Ms Erica Latka*
Janice Lavery***
Ms Claire LaVigna***
Mr. Goran Lazarev Household
Kathryn Scarlette Leach**
Chelsey Legge
Ms Elsie Leskew
Tom Leslie & Anne Macdonald***
Dr. Trevor H. & Mrs. Jennifer Levere****
Mr. Valeri Levin and Ms Gloria Lo
Mrs. Merle Levine
Mr. Arnie Levitan*
Ms Edna Levitt***
Mr. Victor Lewicki
Mr. Patrick Li****
Mr. Daniel Liadsky
Mark & Judy Libman
Greg Lichti & Garth Norbraten**
Ms Catherine Limbertie
Mrs. Helen Linetsky****
Ms Susan Lipchak**
Mr. Henry Lobbenberg**
Frank LoForte
Ms Mary Lofthouse****
In Memory of Samuel E Loliger
Mr. & Mrs. Oliver G. Long****
L. Lore

Ms Teresa Loy**
Mr. Robert & Mrs. Lily Luxton***
Ms Kathy Lynch
Ms Christine MacDonald
Robert & Lynn MacIntosh****
Miss M. Mackay****
Catherine MacKinnon**
Rod Maclennan
Mrs. Janet Maggiacomo***
Ms Frances Maher
Ms Erica Maidment
Mr. Paul Maly
Ann Mandel
Dr. Robert R. Mann****
Mr. Sreten & G. Marilovic
Peter C. Marshall****
Mr. Andrew J. Martin*
Michael and Nicole Martin**
Professor Randall Martin
Justice Matlow***
Ms Yvonne Matusz***
Mr. Uri & Ms Neria Mayer
Ms Laura Mayne
Mr. James Mayor
Mr. Ronald & Mrs. Pamela Mazza***
Ms Honora McCabe
Mr. George McCartney
Christine McClymont**
Mr. John McConnell**
Joan McCordic**
B. Wendy McDonald****

Ms Heather McDorman****
The Hon. Barbara McDougall****
Mr. Gary McKay
Ms Sheila McKeown**
David McNorton**
Ms Craigiedonn McQueen
Katherine McTavish****
Richard Mehringer****
Mrs. Agnes Meinhard***
Ms Kate Merriman
Ms Anne Miatello
Ms Jana Michalkova
Ruth Miller***
Ms Ellen Mary Mills
Ms Gillian Minshall
Virginia Misakyan
Dr. S. O. Misumi****
Ms Ellen Mitchell
Ms Joanne Mitchell**
Ms Ingrid Moisil
Ms Catherine Montgomery
Mrs. Regine Moorcroft
Daniela & John Moore
Jack & Maureen Moorfield****
Mr. Brian Morey
Ms Catherine Morrallee
Ms Christine Mosser*
Anne Murdock**
Ms Linda Murray**
Ms Lynn Murrell
Beatrice Myers
Mr. Joseph Nachman***
Dr. & Mrs. Martin Nash****
Mr. Cesidio Negri
Mr. William and Dr. Claire Nelson
Ms Caroline G. Neufeld
Mr. Michael Nevin
Dr. Alvin Newman**
Ms Tu Nguyen
Mr. W. T. A. & Mrs. Rohaise Nicholls****
Ms Eva Nichols***
Mr. Devlan Nicholson
Christa Nimmo****
Mr. Alberto Nocera
Martin & Julie Nord
Ms Lisa Norris**
David Northcote & Suzanne Betcke**
Mr. Parker J. O'Connor
Ms Annie Odom***
Mrs. Angela O'Drowsky
Ms Zena Olijnyk
Ms Melanie Olm
Dr. Sandra J. Olney***
Miroslava Ondrack & Bryn Greer-Wootten****
Mr. Josue Oriano-Lopez
Yvonne Ormston****
Ms Bette Ounjian****
Mrs. Sandra Painter****
Mr. David Pal**
Sunny & Nini Pal***
Ms Cathy Pappas
Terrence Paris**
Anne L. Parks***
Mr. Richard Pauloski
Mr. Robert Peake
Mr. Morgan Peat
Ms Mary Perkins
Mrs. Edite Perkons****
Mr. Allan Perun**
Ms Rosalind Peters
Ms Valerie Phelps
Mr. Milorad Pikulic*
Mr. Tristan Plant
Jim Polk
Mr. Herbert Poole and Ms Beverley Spotton
Ms Biljana Potkonjak
Ms Emily & Mr. Stanislav Prelevic**
Ms Barbara Prevedello
Peter Price****
Dr. Philip & Mrs. Maureen Price****
Ms Heather Prophet
Olga Pugliese**
Jennifer E Pugsley
Mr. Radek Puky
Ms Marcia R. Pulleyblank
Mr. Kevin Quain
Mrs. Esterita Rajsky****
Ms Barbara Rawdan*
William Laird Rayner
Sheelagh Reades****
Ernest Redekop****
Ms Mary Redekop****
Dr. Agnes E. Reicher****
Mr. Ryan Resch
Mr. Gordon Richardson***
Ms Debra Richardson-Edge
Drs. Jolie Ringash & Glen Bandiera***
Mr. Harold C. Robinson
Sandy & Judy Robinson**
Mr. David E. Roman****
In Honour of Vivian Rosenberg*
Mr. Jack Rosenfeld**
Ms Valerie Rosenfield
Anne & David Rosevear****
Mr. S. David Rosner**
Ms Helen Ross**
Professor Dérick Rousseau
K. Marion Roy

Mr. Patrick Russett
Ms Barbara Ryder**
Mrs. Elizabeth Sagi
Mr. Wade Sahni and Ms Nicole Bartl
Mr. William Salinas-Crosby
Ms Diane Sandler & Mr. William Nisker
Paul & Sonia Parlee**
Brenda & Fred Saunders***
Carol Sawka****
Andrew & Sandra Schafer**
Ms Elke Schliemann**
Ms Lisa Schneider**
Mrs. Catherine Schryer*
Ms Rosanna Scotti
Robert Shantz and Alison Smiley
Dr. Albert Shapira
Mr. Fred Shaw
Mr. Joseph Shaw***
Ms Diane Shepherd
Mrs. Leena Marja Sillanpaa
Mr. Jason Silzer
Judy Simmonds****
Mr. Glen E. Simpson
Mr. Geoffrey Sinclair
Mr. Andrejs Skaburskis
Mr. Wayne Skinner & Ms Jane Rideout**
Ms Louise Slemin****
Alison Smith & James Morrow
Mr. Andrew Smith & Dr. Ruth Bothern****
Ms Carol Smith
Ms Maureen Smith
Ms Norma Smith*
Mr. Will Smith
Letty Snethen****
Daria Sochaniwsky****
Ms Katharina Soegtrop
Mr. James Sohre
Mrs. Linda Soolepp
Robert Spadoni****
Ms M. J. Speers
Mrs. Margaret & Mr. Michael Spence***
Mr. Tim & Mrs. Susan Spence**
Ms Lesley P. Spencer***
Mr. Alois Stadler
Mr. David Staniforth
Mrs. Anne Marie Steger****
Voy Stelmaszynski
Mr. Neal J. Stephenson
Dr. Pamela Stewart
Ms Judy Stollery
Mr. Hilaire St. Pierre****
Mr. Brian and Mrs. Isabelle Stratton
Mr. Jeffrey Sullivan
Ms Noor Sunba
Mrs. Susan Sutherland
Mrs. Susan Swann
Mr. Edward & Ms Connie Swenson
Ms Anna Szczepanik
Mrs. Joan & Ms Jacqueline Taggart****
Ms Marianne Tai**
Ms Rosalind Taitt**
Ms Rena Tallis
Ms Sandra Tang
Christine Tappolet
Dr. & Mrs. Lorne M. Tarshis****
Mrs. Barbara & Dr. Timothy Tatzel
Mrs. Joan Taylor**
Mr. Stephen Taylor
Ms Jasmine Tehara
Mrs. Pauline Tetley
Dr. Linda-Sue Thomas
Anona Thorne**
Ms Jane Thurley
Shelley and Ashley Tidy
Marvin & Esther Tile****
Ann & George Timpson****
Mr. Barry Tinnish
Mr. & Mrs. Sergio Tonelli**
Mr. Joseph Totaro
Ms Brenda Touzot
Ms Susan Trezins
Mr. Dan Trufasiu***
Ms Milena Tulk**
K. & E. Tuters****

Judi & Murray Urowitz****
Rachel Urowitz & David Finkelstein****
Carina Vassilieva
Ms. Linda Mary Vaughan
Mr. Aivo Veel****
Dr. Shail Verma
Mr. Paul Vezina
Barbro Vice
Dr. Sandor G. Vigh****
Mr. Kevin Villeneuve
Ms Diane Visentin****
Ms Nancy Wahlroth****
Alan & Janet Walker*
Susan & Irwin Walker***
Dr. Anges Walkinshaw
Mr. John Wallace**
Ms Margaret Walton****
Germaine Warkentin***
Ms Anne Warren
Ms Dianne Watson***
Menashe & Rosalind Waxman****
Krisztina & Sandor Weinacht**
Dr. Marcia Wiener***
Mr. Peter A. West
Virginia M. West
Ms Amy Weymouth
Mr. Kevin W. Whitaker and Ms Marie Moliner**
Paul & Marilyn White
Dr. Rebecca Whitney
Anna Wichelow
Linda Wigington****
Leonard Wilgus & Anne Wingfield***
Mrs. Evelyn Wilkie**
Ms Ann Wilton***
Mr. Sheran Wiratunga
Mr. David Wistow
Ms Lubow Wlasenko
Angie Wong***
David & Karen Wong****
Sylvia Wong
Mr. Vincent Wong**
Mrs. Cara Worthington**
Mr. Fangwei Wu
Mr. Qiongsi Wu
Mr. Moses Wuggenig
Judith Young****
Ms Susanne Young
Ms Dorothy Zarska
Mr. Ede Zentai***
Mr. Max Zive**
Anonymous ( 79 )


Sadhisha Ambagahawita**
Gavin R. Armstrong
Robert C. J. Baines

VISIONARY $600 - $1,199
Max Gubert
John Lee

SUPPORTER $360 - $599
Christine Ozimek
Alia Rosenstock
Adrian M. Sacco
Marc-Antoine Saumier

MEMBER $120 - $359
Pascal Dessureault & Andre Ferreira
Lauren Di Pede
Daniel Gatto
Brandon Moe
Measar Musa
Loren Rita 
Zinejda Rita 
Kerry Wall
Jenny Lee Wawrow
Asha B. Zizka

Join our community of supporters.


The above Individual Support Gifts were made as of June 4, 2021

* five to nine years of support
** 10 to 14 years of support
*** 15 to 19 years of support
**** 20 or more years of support
† COC administration, chorus or orchestra member
‡ Endowment

Despite the staff’s extensive efforts to avoid errors and omissions, mistakes can occur. If your name was omitted, listed incorrectly or misspelled, we apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused. We would appreciate being notified of any errors at 416-847-4949.


The Encore Legacy is the planned giving program of the Canadian Opera Company.

Planned giving is making the decision today to provide a gift for the Canadian Opera Company that may not be realized until after your lifetime.

Gifts planned today, that will ultimately affect your estate, allow you to make a statement of support that will become a lasting legacy to the COC.

The Canadian Opera Company gratefully acknowledges and thanks the following individuals who have included the COC in their estate planning:

Marie Agay
Susan Agranove & Estate of Dr. Larry M. Agranove
Ken R. Alexander
Estate of Isobel May Allen
Ms Sandra Alston
Estate of John H. Anderson
Ms Ann Andrusyszyn
Callie Archer
Renata Arens & Elizabeth Frey
Mrs. Rosalen Armstrong
Tony & Anne Arrell
Ron Atkinson & Bruce Blandford
Estate of Mr. L. H. Bartelink
Estate of Wilma Elizabeth Bell
David K. Bernhardt
J. Linden Best & James G. Kerr

Estate of Cheryl Ann Billingsley
Estate of Sheila Black
Mr. Philip J. Boswell
Estate of David Bowen
Marnie M. Bracht
Estate of Shirley Anne Braithwaite
Gregory Brandt
Ms Cindy Breslin-Carere
Marcia Lewis Brown
Brian Bucknall & Mary Jane Mossman
Georgina M. Cameron
Dita Vadron & Jim Catty
Mrs. Ann Christie
Earl Clark
Stephen Clarke & Elizabeth Black
The Rt. Hon. Adrienne Clarkson
Brian Collins & Amanda Demers
Earlaine Collins
In Memory of John A. Cook
David H. Cormack
Estate of Ninalee Craig
Estate of Jean Croggon
Anita Day & Robert McDonald
Estate of Ruth Eileen Day
Ann De Brouwer
Estate of Anne Margaret Delicaet
Dr. & Mrs. Dean G. Dover
Helen Drake
Yvonne Earle
Estate of Philipp Eberhardinger
Estate of Evelyn Ellen Elrick
Estate of Marion Gertrude Farr
David & Kristin Ferguson
Carol Fordyce
Rowland Galbraith
Estate of Douglas G. Gardner
Gatfield & Campbell Arts Foundation
Susan Gerhard
Ann J. Gibson
Estate of Hon. Alastair William Gillespie
Estate of Evelyn M. Glendenning
Tina & Michael Gooding
Michael & Anne Gough
Donald I. F. Graham
Colin Gruchy
Donald Gutteridge and Anne Millar
David G. Hallman
George & Irene Hamilton
Estate of Mildred Helen Margaret Hamilton
Joan L. Harris
Estate of Helen Kathleen Harrop
Estate of Leonore Hetherington
William E. Hewitt
James Hewson
Estate of Robert Theodore Hintz
Mr. Kim Yim Ho & Walter Frederic Thommen
Douglas E. Hodgson
Estate of Egon Homburger
Estate of Mrs. Lucie Homburger
Michiel Horn
Matt Hughes
Michael & Linda Hutcheon
Elaine Iannuzziello
Estate of Helen Inch
Dr. Ingrid Jarvis
Estate of Lynne Jeffrey
Estate of Mr. Gordon Cecil Johnson
Ann Kadrnka
Estate of Betty Kalmanasch
Estate of Barbara Lynn Kelsey
Ben Kizemchuk
Estate of Henri Kolin
Kathryn Kossow
Estate of Borge John Kraglund
Jo Lander
Peggy Lau
Marjorie & Roy Linden
Tom C. Logan, A.R.C.T.
Estate of Esther Jean Macdonald
Ms Lenore MacDonald
Dr. and Mrs. Richard B. Mackenzie
Estate of Eluned MacMillan
Dr. Colin M. Mailer
Estate of Pauline Mandsohn
R. Manke

Estate of William Allan Henry Manula
Tim & Jane Marlatt
Mr. Shawn Martin
Estate of Anthony V. Mason
Margaret McKee
Sylvia M. McPhee
John McVicker & B. W. Thomas
Dr. Alan C. Middleton
Eleanor Miller
Sigmund & Elaine Mintz
Donald Morse
Sue Mortimer, C.M.
Roald Nasgaard & Lori Walters
Miss Joan C. Pape
Mr. & Mrs. James D. Patterson
Mervyn Pickering
Gunther & Dorothy Piepke
Wanda Plachta
Frank Potter
Mary Jean Potter
Ms Georgia Prassas
Estate of K. F. Read
Dr. John Reeve-Newson
Florence Richler
Estate of Howard Frederick Rock
John & Norma Rogers
Mrs. Margaret Russell
Sharon Ryman†
Paul Sabourin in memory of Lynne Jeffrey
Cookie & Stephen Sandler
Estate of Maneck Khurshed Sanjana
Estate of J. M. Doc Savage
Estate of Helen F. H. Schaller
Fred & Mary Schulz
John & Helen Scott
Colleen Sexsmith
Claire Shaw
June Shaw, in memory of Dr. Ralph Shaw
R. Bonnie Shettler

William Siegel & Margaret Swaine
Dr. Joseph So
Paul Spafford
Estate of Helen Kathleen Allen Stacey
Dr. D. P. Stanley-Porter
Doreen L. Stanton
Drs. W. & K. Stavraky
Estate of James Drewry Stewart
The Stratton Trust
Lilly Offenbach Strauss
Janet Stubbs†
Ann D. Sutton
Ronald Taber
Susanne Tabur
Wendy J. Thompson
Mrs. Ann C. Timpson
Riki Turofsky & Charles Petersen
Tony & Mary van Straubenzee
N. Suzanne Vanstone

Marie-Laure Wagner
Estate of Jeanie Irwin Walker
Hugh & Colleen Washington
William R. Waters
Brian Wilks
Mr. Leonard J. Willschick
Estate of Marion Caroline Wilson
Estate of Nancy Fay Wood
Estate of Mary Louise Wratten
Estate of Jean Elizabeth Yack Wright
Marion York
Tricia Younger
Estate of Susan Zador
Estate of George Zebrowski
Anonymous ( 45 )


The Canadian Opera Company gratefully acknowledges the following organizations that have matched gifts by their employees:

Burgundy Asset Management Ltd.
Canadian Tire Corporation Limited
Getty Images
IBM Canada Inc.


For the first time ever, Parsifal is coming to the COC in the 2022/2023 Season, thanks to a Canada-wide effort by passionate arts supporters and opera fans, who have already committed nearly $1 million towards this monumental project.



Howard & Sarah D. Solomon Foundation in honour of Gerard Mortier

Lisa Balfour Bowen & Family in memory of Walter M. Bowen
Colleen Sexsmith
Kristine Vikmanis & Denton Creighton

KEEPERS OF THE GRAIL $25,000 - $99,999

Mark & Gail Appel

Paul Bernards
Mr. Jeff Axelrod & Dr. John Goodhew
Jean Davidson & Paul Spafford
Estate of Robert Hintz and Gregory Shultz

Jonathan Morgan
Jack Whiteside
Anonymous ( 2 ) 

KEEPERS OF THE SPEAR $15,000 - $24,999

Marcia Lewis Brown

Brian J. Dawson
George & Irene Hamilton
Michael & Linda Hutcheon
John McVicker & B. W. Thomas
Rob & Penny Richards
David & Hilary Short

KNIGHTS $10,000 - $14,999

Marilyn Cook

Frances & Tim Price
Brian Wilks

GUARDS $5,000 - $9,999

Helen Burstyn & Family

Margaret Harriet Cameron
Michiel Horn & Cornelia Schuh
Eva Innes & David Medhurst
Leanne & George Lewis
Dr. Don Melady & Mr. Rowley Mossop
Bruce & Vladka Mitchell
Janice Oliver
Dr. & Mrs. William M. Park
The Stratton Trust
Françoise Sutton
Tesari Charitable Foundation
Riki Turofsky & Charles Petersen
Melanie Whitehead
Lenore Jane Wilson in memory of Ruth McCreery 

WANDERERS $3,000 - $4,999

Mr. Christopher Bozek 

Dr. Vance Logan
Dr. Shirley C. Neuman
Mr. Philip Somerville
Dr. David Surplis

MAGICIANS $1,000 - $2,999

Clive & Barbara Allen
Keith and Jan Allin
Ms Kimberly Barber
Dr. Frank Bartoszek & Mr. Daniel O'Brien
Mr. John M. Beck
Anneliese and Walter Blackwell
R Burkholder
Thomas J. Burton
Christopher L. Cantlon
Ms Allison Chang
Philip J. Conlon & Tina Conlon
David M. Cullen
Greg Cumming & Bianca Marcus
Catherine Fauquier
Fraser Fell
David & Kristin Ferguson
J. E. Fordyce
Susan Gerhard
Dr. Eudice Goldberg
Wayne A. Gooding
Dr. Noëlle Grace & The Shohet Family
Mr. David Hamilton
Ms Victoria Hand
Dianne W. Henderson
William E. Hewitt
Ken Hugessen & Jennifer Connolly
Mrs. Barbara Japp
Dr. Joshua Josephson
Diane M. & James F. King
Jo Lander
Mr. Tom Le Seelleur
Martin & Raja Leistner
Mr. Peter Levitt & Ms Mai Why
In Memory of Samuel E Loliger
Gerda Marz
Mr. Jeffry J. Mason
Dr. & Mrs. Donald C. McGillivray
Janina Milisiewicz
Ms Elizabeth Paton Miller
Dr. & Mrs. Steven Millward
Sue Mortimer, C.M., in memory of Clive Bennett Mortimer
Roald Nasgaard and Lori Walters
David & Mary Neelands
Eileen Patricia Newell
Dr. Emilie Newell
Simon Nyilassy
Eileen & Ralph Overend
Mr. Edward Parkins
Linda Lee & Michael Pharoah
Dr. Wadermar A. Pieczonka
June C. Pinkney
Margrit & Tony Rahilly
Stephen Ralls & Bruce Ubukata
Ms Christine & Mr. Stephen Richards
Florence Richler
Clara Robert
David Roffey & Karen Walsh
Mr. Michael Samborsky
Carol Sawka
Ms Joan Sinclair
Hume Smith
Dr. Harley Smyth & Carolyn McIntire Smyth
Dr. Joseph So
Dr. & Dr. W. K. Stavraky
M. F. Stewart
Mr. Gordon Stienburg
Anna Talenti
Ann & George Timpson
In memory of Frank A.M. Tremayne, Q.C.
Vernon G. Turner
George Vona & Lark Popov
Donald & Margaret Walter
Wendy and James Warrillow
Sharon Watanabe
Frank Whittaker
Mr. Peter Wijnbergen
Anonymous ( 7 )

FLOWER MAIDENS $500 - $999

Ms Marta Braun
James E. Brown
Judy Chui
Mrs. Dianne Clipsham
Josyane Cohen
Ms Deanna Cyr
Ms Rachel Gottesman
Mr. John C.S. Hansen
Barny and Susan Henderson
Ms Dorothy Hollingsworth
Ms & Mr. Roma & Marko Horbatsch
Mr. Kazik Jedrzejczak
Mr. Arthur A. Kennedy
Mr. Leonard Luk and Mr. Tom Kirchner
Dr. Milos Krajny
Ms Roberta Laking
Dr. Peter Letkemann
McDorman Family
Varqa Mirzaagha
Dr. Mary Ann Mountain
Eve Nash
Mrs. Mary Neil
Ms Heather Nicol
Bruce & Catherine Peer
Dr. Philip & Mrs. Maureen Price
Elizabeth Racic
Dr. Shelley Rechner
Mr. Robert Riddell
Rainer & Sharyn Rothfuss
Dr. Daniel Rzondzinski and Dr. Peter Nikiforuk
In Memory of Michael Simko
John D. Stevenson
Alan & Joan Sundeen
Mr. William Thompson
Ruth Watts-Gransden
In Memory of Victoria Woods
Anonymous ( 3 )

SQUIRES $250 - $499

Carol & Ernest Albright
Mr. Blaine Allan
Ms Lezlie Bain
Mr. Earl R. Barnsley
Ms Vernis Barnwell
Mr. John Bedford
Ms Jocelyn Bennett
Mr. Daniel Berndt
Mr. Alastair M. Boyd
Dr. Martin R. Boyne
Mr. & Mrs. Schuyler Brown
Murray & Judy Bryant
Mr. John Burge
Theresa & John Caldwell
Iivi Campbell
Louie Chua and Richard Boyum
Dr. Yu Yuen Chua
Dr. Caryl Clark
Maurice J. Clement
Dr. Hanna Dabkowska
Ms Carmen Dan-Dobre
Mr. Joel L. Daniels
Alan Dennis
Mr. Michael Disney
M. E. Egerer
Mr. Carl Ehrlich
Lee & Shannon Ferrier
Alexandra Fokine
Mr. Robert Gatfield
Mr. David & Mrs. Joan Gauthier
Dr. Margarita Gitev
Mrs. Geraldine Gold
Ricardo Gomez-Insausti
Mr. Robin Griffin
Ellen & Simon Gulden
Mr. William A. Hammond
Sylvie Hatch
W. L. B. Heath
Ms Louisa Howerow
Mr. James Hunt
Mr. David J. Kennedy
Mrs. Kazie Killius
Dr. Stephen J. Kish
Kathryn Knight
Mr. & Mrs. Armin Kratel
Natalie Kuzmich
Larry & Marion Lagowski
Harry Lane
Earl B. Law
Alexander & Anna Leggatt
Mr. Laszlo G. Lengyel
Mrs. J. Cassandra Lessner
Dr. Christoph and Ulrike Licht
Ms Antonieta Marticorena
Mary Clare Mayo
Mrs. Celine McGraw
Ms Marucia R. Montgomery
Jack & Maureen Moorfield
Peter B. Munsche
Ms H. M. Murata
Ms Adrienne Murphy
Dr. Sandra J. Olney
Christopher D. Palin
Mr. Michael Patry
Mr. Morgan Peat
Mr. Archie Platt
Ilze Plaudis
Jeremy Forgie & Sal Polito
Jim Polk
Val & Anita Rachlis
Ms Penny Rintoul
Kenneth Russell
Patti & Richard Schabas
Beverly & Fred Schaeffer
Robert & Geraldine Sharpe
Ms Muriel Smith & Mr. Eric Ojala
Dr. J. H. Tait
Ms Yoko Tarumi
Mr. Pierre Thibaudeau
Chris & Anne Twigge-Molecey
Ms Gail Verge
Mr. Andrew Veryha
Dr. Nancy F. Vogan
Joseph Wearing & Michael Johnson
Raymond Whitehead
Gregory Wilson
Anonymous ( 18 )

Up to $250

D. C. Adamson-Brdar
Mr. James Aldrich-Moodie
Mrs. Olena Andrushchenko
Rick Archbold & Rick Feldman
M. Auspitz
Michael & Janet Barnard
Mr. Ronald J Barr
Ms Elizabeth Barry
Mrs. Janet Blakely-Bowe
Anna Bloom
Maria Bodi
Ms Carole Brearley
Dr. Jane Brissenden & Dr. Janet Roscoe
Prof. Alfred L. Chan & Mr. Michael Farewell
Mr. Ivan Chan
Harold Chmara and Danny Hoy
Ms Angela Costanzo
Fergus & Anne Craik
Bob and Laureen Crawley
Maureen Curran
Kathleen Davis
Mr. Al & Mrs. Mimi de Castro
Mrs. Ann Elbourne
Mr. Jonathan Erling
Natalia E.
Dr. Peter G. Forbath
Mr. John Formanek
Alice Fox
Ms Erika Friesen
Mr. John Gardonyi
Ms Raluca Gheorghe
Dr. Paul W. Gooch
Mr. & Mrs. J.C.L. Graham
Mr. & Mrs. C. Gregorasz
Karen L. Grimshaw
Mr. Dale Grishkewich
Mr. Walter Groene
Colin Gruchy
Melissa Haggart
Dr. Janice Hambley
Mr. Fadi Hamoui
Mr. David E. Hileman
Mary G. Hogarth
Mr. Jacob Hogeterp
Anita Hritzun
Elaine Iannuzziello
Brian & Alison Ivey
In memory of Laszlo Jarmai
Mrs. Sheila & Mr. Thomas Johnston
Mrs. Wanda Kantor
Jeanne and John Kennedy
Mr. John Klesc
Mrs. Agnes Kussinger
Ms Barbara Lamb
Ms Irene Landry
Ms Lynda Lange & Mr. Dan Proudfoot
Ms Kathryn Leach
Mrs. Karin Lenhardt
Gary & Karen Levy
Mr. Stephen Lewis
Mark & Judy Libman
Ms Karin Macpherson
Karen & Craig
Dr. Robert R. Mann
Georgina Matus
Christine McClymont
Mary McClymont
Mr. John McConnell
Mr. Mark & Mrs. Janice McDermott
The Hon. Barbara McDougall
Ms Fiona McHugh
Mrs. Kandice McKee
Ms Sheila McKeown
Mr. Maurice McNamara
Ms Koula Mellos
Mrs. Maria Mesaros
Nancy Miller
Monica Mullane
Mr. Joseph Nachman
Liviu Constantin Nicolescu
Mr. Andre Paradis
Ms Darinka Pejic
Mr. Vasant & Ms Brigitte Purandare
Dr. James C. Rice
Mr. David E. Roman
Mr. Paul Rosenbaum
Richard Rosenman
In memory of Diane Rosenthal
N. Russell
Dr. Mitsuko Sada
Ms Elisabeth Scarff
Mrs. Erika Schurr
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Judy Simmonds
Mr. Andrew Smith & Dr. Ruth Bothern
In Memory of Michael P. Smith
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Dr. Michael Steinberg
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Terry S. Tator
Mr. William D. Terry
Mr. David G. Thomas
Shelley and Ashley Tidy
K. & E. Tuters
Germaine Warkentin
Alisa Weyman
Linda Wigington
In memory of Gregory Williams
Judith Young
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We are extremely grateful for the continued support of our corporate sponsors and foundation partners.

$250,000 +
BMO Financial Group

$100,000 – $249,999
Perrier-Jouët, Official Champagne Partner COC and the FSCPA
RBC Foundation, Ensemble Studio Supporter
TD Bank Group, Presenting Sponsor Free Concert Series Festival
The Slaight Family Foundation
Trius, Official Canadian Wine of the COC and the FSCPA

$50,000 – $99,999
Hilton, Artist Hosting Partner
Sun Life Financial, Presenting Sponsor, Solo Spotlights
The Azrieli Foundation
The George Cedric Metcalf Charitable Foundation
The Hal Jackman Foundation at the Ontario Arts Foundation

$10,000 – $49,999
Audrey S. Hellyer Charitable Foundation
Blake, Cassels & Graydon LLP
Canada Life, Presenting Sponsor, Music for Families
Jackman Foundation
Osler, Hoskin & Harcourt LLP
The H. John McDonald Foundation
The Lloyd Carr-Harris Foundation
The McLean Foundation
Vida Peene Fund at the Canada Council for the Arts
Anonymous ( 1 )

$5,000 – $9,999
The Hope Charitable Foundation
Unit Park Holdings Inc.
Anonymous ( 1 )

$2,500 – $4,999
Hicks Memorial Fund at the Calgary Foundation
K.M. Hunter Charitable Foundation

$1,000 - $2,499
Gill Ratcliffe Foundation
The Powis Family Foundation
The Primrose Charitable Foundation
Anonymous ( 1 )

The Chase Hospitality Group
Drake One Fifty
Rosalinda Restaurant
Shangri-La Hotel, Toronto
Soho House


The Canadian Opera Company gratefully acknowledges the generous support through operating grants from these government agencies and departments:

Canada Council for the Arts
Ontario Arts Council
Toronto Arts Council

The Government of Canada

Employment and Social Development Canada
Canada Council for the Arts


The Canadian Opera Company gratefully acknowledges the participation and support of our union partners.

Canadian Actors' Equity Association
Toronto Musicians' Association, Local 149
I.A.T.S.E. Local #58
I.A.T.S.E. Local #822
I.A.T.S.E. Local #828



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