• Hear From a Past Winner: Simona Genga

    By Simona Genga

    We were so well prepared and supported in the lead-up to the competition, but I was still surprised at how ready and comfortable I felt the moment I stepped onto the stage that night.

    I don’t have enough words to describe just how exhilarating and palpable that moment was.
    It was absolutely surreal

    Posted in Ensemble Studio
  • Director's Notes: Turandot

    By Robert Wilson

    Puccini’s Turandot was inspired by Schiller’s early-19th-century German adaptation of an 18th-century Italian comedy by Carlo Gozzi, who drew on a French retelling of a supposedly traditional Persian fairytale set in ancient China. Gozzi created a piece in the style of commedia dell’arte, a codified theatre form with set characters, story lines, and gestures.

    Posted in 1920
  • Your Guide to Dvořák's Rusalka

    By COC Staff

    A mermaid longs for love and enters a dubious bargain with a sea witch, not realizing the ultimate cost. This classic myth exists in numerous versions, with many regional adaptations, including Hans Christian Andersen’s The Little Mermaid and Friederich de la Motte Fouqué’s Undine.

    Posted in 1920


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