• Inside the Wardrobe: La Traviata

    By Kiersten Hay


    Take a peek into Violetta’s wardrobe! Costume designer Cait O’Connor talks about how Violetta’s clothes reflect her place in society and her personal choices. Catch La Traviata this fall from October 8 to November 6, 2015 to see the costumes in their full glory! 

    Act I


    "Violetta is incredibly charismatic and bewitching. She possesses an effortless glamour. At the same time she is a fragile girl, trapped within an opulence of her own creation. She has to costume herself as a manifestation of decadence in order to survive in her world." 


    Act II, Scene I

    "When Violetta meets Alfredo their connection is immediate, deep and honest. We see Violetta in their country house, truly at home for the first time. Her presence and ease is palpable. I referenced 19th century pre-Raphaelite photography and sepia colors as an inspiration for this look."


    Act II, Scene II

    "As Violetta is ripped away from Alfredo, she loses her dream of love. She returns to Paris armored in an enormous gown representing the frantic ecstasy which she must return to."


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    Image Credits (top-bottom): A scene from La Traviata (Lyric Opera of Chicago, 2013). Photo: Todd Rosenberg; Preliminary costume sketches by designer Cait O’Connor.

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