• Liz Upchurch on 20 Years with the Ensemble Studio

    By Liz Upchurch

    Liz Upchurch has led the COC Ensemble Studio for a remarkable 20 years, helping to establish it as one of the world’s leading training programs for young opera artists. She has shepherded an entire generation of singers and coaches through the program, which has continued to evolve and grow as a result of her guidance. Recently, Liz was honoured with an Opera Canada Award for her outstanding contributions to the Canadian opera community. In this edition of NOTES, Liz recounts her journey to Canada and how she came to became one of the COC’s most recognizable and respected figures.

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  • Hear From a Past Winner: Simona Genga

    By Simona Genga

    We were so well prepared and supported in the lead-up to the competition, but I was still surprised at how ready and comfortable I felt the moment I stepped onto the stage that night.

    I don’t have enough words to describe just how exhilarating and palpable that moment was.
    It was absolutely surreal

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  • Meet the 2019/2020 Ensemble Studio

    By COC Staff

    The start of the 2019/2020 season means the start for a new group of Ensemble Studio artists! Get to know each of our nine artists and learn what inspires them, both on and off the stage.  

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