• How is this wet summer affecting our honeybees?

    By Danielle D'Ornellas Posted in FSCPA Honeybees
  • Honeybees: The Questions About Colony Collapse Disorder Continue

    By Gianna Wichelow
    Four Seasons Centre Bees

    Beekeeper Fred Davis regularly updates us on the honeybees that live on the roof the Four Seasons Centre for the Performing Arts. located at 145 Queen St. W., here in Toronto. In this blog post, he ponders the very real issues facing honeybees, and us:

    There is no one cause or smoking gun for Colony Collapse Disorder, but rather a storm of pressures the bees face because humans have pretty much failed at maintaining the complex balance of animal husbandry and respect for our environment. In my opinion, we have allowed CCD to happen but not intentionally.

    Posted in FSCPA Honeybees
  • Update on the Bees (Sort of like an episode of The Tudors)

    By Gianna Wichelow Posted in FSCPA Honeybees


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