• At Home With... Marie Bérard

    By Marie Bérard

    Reading is a passion at the best of times but I read on a Kindle and almost exclusively on the TTC and in restaurants so it’s been actually really nice to catch up on physical books.

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  • An Update on Our Young Artists

    By Liz Upchurch, Head of the COC Ensemble Studio

    I’m writing to you from my new office: my piano, which is pulling double duty as both my instrument and my desk.

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  • Wrapping up the Free Concert Series’ 2019/2020 Season

    By Dorian Cox

    Today I would have been sitting on the steps of the Richard Bradshaw Amphitheatre listening to the brilliant Austrian violinist, Wolfgang David, and the equally brilliant Japanese pianist, Takeshi Kakehashi, who has been blind since birth. This would have been our 73rd and final concert of the season but, instead of sharing in this moment of celebration and jubilation, I find myself at home, writing this message to you. 

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