Important Information for Renewing 2022/2023 Premier Subscribers  

Our 2022/2023 season features a number of changes to the company’s performance calendar. These changes affect some of our subscribers’ ticket packages.
This page contains information to assist renewing premier subscribers in understanding the impact of these changes and to help you through the subscription renewal process.

Identifying your new premier package

To help you identify the premier package we are recommending for your renewal, please see the chart below:

The 2022/2023 Calendar 

To illustrate the new performance dates, please see the 2022/2023 calendar in which every performance is marked with the premier subscription package it belongs to.

Opening Nights: OPN
Sunday Afternoon: SUN
Weekend Matinees: WMAT
Saturday Nights: SATN
Mostly Thursdays: MTHUR
5 Nights and a Matinee: 5AND1
Weekday Evenings: WEEKN

Why Did the Performance Dates of My Subscription Change?

The new performance calendar and subsequent changes to our premier subscription series are born out of a need to introduce key improvements into the rehearsal process and better support our artists and creative community.  The revised performance schedule will help us run a more sustainable organization, promoting the overall health of the COC and the art form, while improving the artistic, technical, and creative work that brings us together.  

Will I Be Able to Keep My Seats?

We will continue to honour our audiences’ loyalty, keeping seating priority and other premier subscriber benefits uninterrupted provided you renew by the deadline of June 30. Depending on which premier package you decide to order or renew into will determine seating availability, but every effort will be made to give our renewing premier subscribers their seats.   

Concierge Ticketing 

We are here for you and are extending our concierge ticketing services to all premier subscribers to ensure the highest levels of support for our patrons over the course of this season.   To renew or access your account details, including your seat information, please click here to log in to your account.  



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