• Opera and the Body

    By Jennifer Swan
    Jennifer Swan

    We all breathe! Most of us do this automatically, hundreds of times a day, without thinking about it. In some cases, there are reasons to work on breath and breathing more intentionally; the tremendous power and amplification that singing opera requires is one of those cases. In my work with the COC Ensemble Studio, I assess the mechanics of breath and breath management, and the physical patterns that help or hinder sound production in the singers. Put simply, I help them maximize air and the efficiency of air as they produce the incredible sounds we all admire so much!

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  • Opera and Contemporary Art

    By COC Staff

    Toronto, as a city, is an incredible cultural hub, home to countless creators and artistic organizations. In typical times, this has led to a dynamic, creative ecosystem but, throughout the pandemic, that sense of solidarity and partnership has deepened across the arts and culture sector. Continued collaboration has helped keep us all connected to our art forms and to each other.
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  • Bringing Communities Together Through Opera

    By Makenzie Morgan & Sarah Forestieri

    A spring update on COC’s Opera Makers programming for students

    The incredible thing about opera is that there are so many ways to enter into and participate in this highly collaborative art form. At its core, opera is really about storytelling – whether that’s through music, poetry, visual art and design, or movement, all those elements are collaborating to communicate a story about the reality of some shared human experience.   

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