• Singing with Parkinson's: The Healing Voice

    By COC Staff

    To support a vibrant Toronto, the COC makes its spaces available to independent arts organizations, freelance artists, and other charitable arts organizations such as Singing with Parkinson's, led by Paula Wolfson.

    Find out more about Singing with Parkinson's.

    Take your culture game to the next level with our monthly eOpera.

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  • Dianne Henderson (09-05-2018 17:19:23)

    Wonderful! There are more and more medical rehab programmes (e.g. COPD) using the power of the human voice and community to improve lives.

  • Arlene Rogers (09-05-2018 20:12:37)


  • Frances (09-09-2018 12:18:35)

    What a wonderful thing this group is. As a regular supporter of the COC I heartily commend this. Thank you for sharing this.

  • Susan Greenfield (09-10-2018 03:02:44)

    This is totally beautiful. Thanks to you Paula and all the fabulous souls who participate. Joyous.

  • Lionel Walfish (09-13-2018 22:00:44)

    Absolutely excellent! Paula has put this all together, heart and soul!

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