• Meet the Winner of our Guess the Season Contest!

    By COC Staff

    Meet Caroline Wai, the opera fan who won the COC’s Guess the Season Contest! She correctly guessed Don Giovanni and Fidelio would be part of our 2023/2024 season, earning her two entries into our draw for a pair of complimentary Grand Ring tickets.

    She sat down for a Q&A with us after her win.

    COC: What operas did you guess and why? 

    Caroline: I did the contest with my partner for fun. We based our decisions off of previous years' offerings. I don't remember exactly but we would have picked one Verdi, one Puccini, one Mozart, one French, one German, and one modern. 

    COC: Tell us about your first opera experience. 

    Caroline: It was one of my first dates with my partner—The Flying Dutchman at the old, then Hummingbird Centre. 

    COC: What made you want to come back to the opera house? 

    Caroline: I'm married to a classical music buff with kids who are burgeoning young musicians. We took them to The Marriage of Figaro this year as our first opera outing as a family, post-COVID. 

    COC: What do you love about this art form? 

    Caroline: Beautiful music with beautiful costumes and sets. 

    COC: What would you tell people who don’t know if they’ll understand or like an opera? 

    Caroline: There are some operas—La Bohème, for example—that are more accessible with a good story. If you are worried about the language, there are surtitles to help you follow along. 

    COC: What show are you going to use your prize tickets toward? Who are you going to bring? 

    Caroline: A bit undecided between Fidelio and Don Giovanni. I'll be bringing my partner, of course, and maybe splurge and have the kids come along too. 

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