• Playing Our Part: Making Masks for Michael Garron Hospital

    By COC Staff

    While the Four Seasons Centre for the Performing Arts remains dark in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, our production team has remained busy, joining the many industries across the country in the fight against the virus. In March, they gathered more than 78 N95 masks and 1,550 gloves for healthcare workers at Michael Garron Hospital. This past month, our costume department set to work, making much-needed cloth masks for use by visitors entering and leaving hospital premises.

    With years of experience producing costumes and set materials for the stage, Costume Supervisor Sandra Corazza, Scene Shop Co-ordinator Amy Cummings, and Technical Director Mike Ledermueller spearheaded mask-making, using extra materials left over from past COC productions.

    Together, they created custom kits for the sewing team by gathering, cutting, washing, ironing and packaging all the fabric and elastics required for making the protective materials. Once ready, the kits were safely delivered to each of the eight mask-makers to begin the process of putting them together.

    In just over three weeks, the team managed to create 1,279 masks, well beyond their 1,000-mask goal!

    Then it was time for drop-off, with the team receiving a lovely call after from Michael Garron Hospital to say “Thank you!” for the help.

    From all of us at the COC, thank you to our tireless healthcare workers – and all essential workers at this time – for everything you do to keep us healthy, safe, and well-cared for!

    The Canadian Opera Company and other arts organizations in Toronto are facing unprecedented financial challenges due to the effects of COVID-19. If it is possible for you at this time, we respectfully ask you to consider making a donation.

    Photos: courtesy of Amy Cummings, Judie Plaza and Mike Ledermueller

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