• Opera's Best Parties

    By Kiersten Hay

    ‘Tis the season for holiday parties, and it seems like once again art reflects life! We take a look at some of our favourite feasts and parties in opera, from popping the champagne to indulging in table-filling (and waistline expanding) feasts of plenty.  

    Don Giovanni

    Mozart, Champagne Aria (Fin ch' han dal vino)

    If there's one character in the opera world that knows how to get the party started, it's Don Giovanni. This aria is spent with Don Giovanni explaining the great party about to come, how the wine will flow freely, and how he plans to have several new names to add to his list of conquests once the night it through. If that doesn't sound like a party, nothing will. 


    Video Credits: Ildebrando D'Arcangelo as Don Giovanni in Don Giovanni, Salzburg Festival 2014

    See Don Giovanni at the COC in January 2015! More information here.


    Verdi, Tutto nel mondo è burla

    Another one of opera's great hedonists, Falstaff brings his namesake opera to a uproarious end with the entire cast chanting "Tutto nel mondo è burla... Tutti gabbati!" (Everything in the world is a jest...and everyone's a fool!).



    Video Credits: Don Giovanni, The Metropolitan Opera 2013

    L’elisir d’amore 

    Donizetti, Act II Opening

    nsel and Grete

    Hansel and Gretel


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