Board of Directors


  • Mr. Jonathan Morgan, Chair
  • Mr. Paul B. Spafford, Vice Chair
  • Mr. Brian Collins, Treasurer
  • Mr. John H. Macfarlane, Secretary
  • Mr. David C. Ferguson, General Director (ex officio)
  • Ms. Christie Darville, Deputy General Director; Executive Director, Philanthropy & Audiences


  • Mr. Sadhisha C. Ambagahawita
  • Mr. Tony Arrell (ex officio)
  • Mr. Barry Avrich
  • Ms. Kristy Balkwill
  • Mr. Mike Brown
  • Ms. Marcia Lewis Brown
  • Ms. Shelly Campbell
  • Ms. Sarah Cohen
  • Mr. William Fearn 
  • Dr. Eudice Goldberg
  • Ms. Julianna Greenspan

  • Mr. Christopher (Chris) Jones
  • Mr. Terrance (Terry) Leon
  • Ms. Lily Li
  • Ms. Anne Maggisano 
  • Mr. Varqa Mirzaagha
  • Mr. Bruce Murray
  • Mr. Al Ramsay
  • Mr. Glenn Sakaki
  • Ms. Colleen Sexsmith
  • Mr. Troy Ungerman
  • Ms. Kristine (Kris) Vikmanis
  • Mr. Graham Watchorn

Life Trustees Council

The Life Trustees Council salutes the leaders of the COC community whose efforts have been integral to the company’s artistic evolution and transformative history of accomplishment.

  • Earlaine Collins
  • J. Rob Collins
  • The late George S. Dembroski
  • The late A.J. Diamond
  • David C. Ferguson (Chair)
  • The late Jerry Heffernan
  • The late Geraldine Heffernan
  • Ben Heppner
  • Henry N.R. Jackman
  • Michael Levine
  • Sue Mortimer
  • Adrianne Pieczonka
  • The late David Stanley Porter
  • The late Arthur R.A. Scace

Canadian Opera House Corporation Board of Directors

  • Mr. Paul B. Spafford, Chair, President & Chief Executive Officer
  • Mr. Jonathan Morgan, Chair, COC Board of Directors
  • Mr. David C. Ferguson, Chief Operating Officer 
  • Ms. Christie Darville, Vice-President
  • Mr. John H. Macfarlane, Secretary
  • Mr. Brian Collins, Treasurer
  • Ms. Saptarsi Saha, Director, Finance & Administration

Canadian Opera Foundation Board of Directors


  • Mr. Tony Arrell, Chair
  • Mr. Chris Hoffman, Vice Chair
  • Mr. Huston Loke, Secretary


  • Ms. Angela Bhutani
  • Mr. Christopher Bozek
  • Mr. Stewart Burton
  • Mr. Jonathan Morgan


Phone: 416-363-8231

Toll Free: 1-800-250-4653

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